Cupid’s Corner: Better Late Than Never

Sam Schmid, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Adviser’s Note:  Sam Schmid submitted this article on time, but his cautionary adviser wanted to make sure all those mentioned were comfortable with his Cupid comments.  Hence, the delay. . . but it’s still a fun read!

Cupid’s Corner, as it is passed down to me from the creator, Jack Halama, to Fuzz, and to I, it is truly an honor to receive this responsibility. 

With Valentine’s Day on Friday, couples around the globe got the chance to cherish their moments together, whether that be with flowers or chocolates.

Within Notre Dame Academy, there are couples that have been with each other for a long time, and others who would be a perfect fit, but just haven’t gotten the opportunity.

“Sometimes, you just know that there’s a connection between two people, but they never get the chance to really develop it,” said Joel Meglic.

The first couple that could have potential is Jared Lafond and Cassidy Noble. Jared’s intimate attitude, with his freakishly athletic build, combined with Cassidy’s IB repertoire, is just a very good match. The two met in kindergarten and, I believe, the spark is still there.

“I’m not that interested, but if the time comes, I’m ready,” said Lafond.

The next suggestion I have is Nick Foscato and Georgia Gregorie. Nick’s flirtatious personae puts him on the lookout for love over this Valentine’s Day, and he could find it within a junior. This couple is enjoyable because Georgia is, indeed, equally flirtatious, creating a perfect continuum between the two.

Another suggestion would have to be Jack Kress and Margaret Pack. Although there is a two year age gap, love has no boundaries. And it shouldn’t be difficult to get approval from Margaret’s brother, Michael Pack, either. 

The next couple that could have some potential in the future is Erik Sladky and… any lucky woman to come across Erik. Although Erik hasn’t spoken to a female in over four years, there is still hope. Erik has all the desirable traits when deciding who you want to be your boyfriend: the smarts, the looks, the athletic ability, Erik has it all.

Some might say, Sam, what makes you eligible to decide these couples? Well, put it like this. . . if you wanted to test out the durability of a Toro 22-inch Kohler High Wheel Variable Speed Gas Walk Behind Self Propelled Lawn Mower, you’d want an expert. I am that expert on lawnmowers.