What a Week It Was. . . What Students Are Saying, How Seniors Are Responding

Mattea Vecera, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

This past week will go down as one of the strangest weeks in this school’s history. As a result of the global coronavirus pandemic, Notre Dame Academy has switched to online learning indefinitely. 

While sudden and unexpected, it’s clear that teachers and faculty have been working hard to make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone.

“I’m really thankful for the teachers as they’ve been doing a good job making things clear and emailing frequently,” said senior Bella Brabazon. “The first few days on PowerSchool Learning were confusing, but I’ve already gotten the hang of it.”

However, this clearly isn’t a perfect system. Students and teachers alike have been struggling with connection issues with PowerSchool Learning due to the high traffic this site has been experiencing. It has proven to be unpredictable, so some teachers have adapted to using Google Classroom, emailing assignments and Google Hangout. With time, hopefully these problems will sort themselves out.

What’s upsetting many students is the possibility of the in-person school year being over without any proper goodbyes. We all left for spring break not worrying about anything and making jokes about the “corona thing in China,” but it all hit the fan during our vacation. 

“Ending on an uncertain moment and not knowing it was probably our last day of school really sucks,” said senior Max Timmer. 

As a senior, this has hit me very hard. These last few months were supposed to be filled with fun events and traditions until graduation day. Now, the possibility of still having a graduation seems like an impossible dream. 

“Graduation, the senior retreat, prom, senior send-off, senior skip day, the milk chug, the senior prank, senior slide, our last official day of school- -these are just a few of the things we’re going to miss out on,” said Timmer.

Other memorable events that are either cancelled or postponed indefinitely are Cabaret Night, spring sports, the spring play, De La Baie fest, band/choir concerts, club trips (personally, I will be missing out on two Philosophical Society trips to Madison), just to name a few.

However, lying in bed and complaining about personal isolation/ self quarantine (which I HOPE you all are doing…) isn’t accomplishing anything. Even though the circumstances may be a little bit complicated, to say the least, this is a much-needed break for everyone. 

This is the perfect time to pick up that hobby that you’ve always wanted to try. Take advantage of this period of relaxation before you are shoved back into the chaos and business of life.

“Sure, it sucks not being able to see my friends, but it’s nice to have family and personal time,” said senior Ellese Martin. 

Looking for more inspiration? Here’s a short story for you!

When the Great Plague hit London in the 17th century, schools were shut down and people had to practice social isolation or distancing (sound familiar?). Because of this, Sir Isaac Newton was sent home for a full year. He used that time to study and write, and this is ultimately when he presented the theories of gravity and motion.

Who knows? Maybe there is a Newton among one of us and another discovery waiting to be uncovered. But, if you sleep, play video games, or watch TikToks all day, I can promise that it won’t be you.