Senior Selections 2020


Person Who Is Always Smiling
Lydia Sladek

Joseph Massabni


Sarah Lelinski

Max Timmer

Most Opinionated

Maggie Otradovec

Jack Kress


Most Unforgettable
Leya AbuJamra

Howie Gerstner

Best Sense of Style
Ellese Martin

Fritz Sehring


Bridget Kapic

Owen Brummel

Best Nickname
Emily “Linger” Lin

Hayden “Russell” Kapalin

Most likely to Be on SNL

Sarah Lelinski

Henry Wied

Be on a Reality TV Show
Katherine Fangman

Keegan Gille

Most Caring
Lydia Sladek

Joseph Massabni

Least Changed
Sophie Woodward

Sam VanStraten

Person You’d Take Home to Your Parents
Bridget Kapic

Riley Onell

Most Likely to Succeed 
Emerson Dycus

Noah Sternig

Person who Actually Knows Everything
Courtney Romes

Ben Zabriskie

Best Writer
Lauren Van Gheem

Fritz Sehring

Most likely to become a Pro Athlete
Katherine Walch

Joel Meglic

Couple Most Likely to Get Married
Emily Lin

Keegan Gille

Most Sarcastic
Hana Reitz

Henry Wied

Best Artist
Josie Bieker

Owen Brummel

Most Confident
Katherine Fangman

Nick Foscato

Best Dancer

Olivia Cullen

Max Timmer

Senior Who Refuses to Slide
Elizabeth Hoeppner

Sam VanStraten

Most Honest
Helena Parmar

Ben Smet

Best Eyes
Rachel Bal

Evan Witczak

Best Laugh 
Jordan Bellmund

Avery McClain

Best Singer
Monica Sosa-Hernandez

Charles Peterson

Most School Spirit
Leya AbuJamra

Howie Gerstner

Best Smile
Ellie Rose

Jacob Conrad

Most Likely to Live in a Foreign Country

Maddy Burgess

JunHyeok Cha

Teach at NDA
Emily Landwehr

Michael Hummel

Best Sense of Humor
Jordan Bellmund

Erik Sladky

Most Modest
Sydney Ditscheit

Connor Crown
Best Public Speaker
Mattea Vecera

Scott Russell

Most Energetic 
Bella Zingler-Hoslet

Evan Walczyk

Best Musician
Bella Brabazon

Charles Peterson

Best Senior Pictures
Abby Wittler

Alex Roach

                              Tritonian Staff Picks 

Most Likely to Be a Sportscaster… Sam Schmid

Most Likely to Direct Hollywood movies… Will Urick

Most Likely to Write a Book on Greek Mythology… Maria Blahnik

Most Likely to Be 11th in the Class… Clara Blumreich

Most Likely to Go Bald… Max Hennigan

Most Likely to Coach Cross Country at NDA… Ben Gregory

Most Likely to Develop a Southern Accent.  . . Ben Zabriskie, Jadyn Kulesa, Ryan Gomez, & Sam Schmid

Most Likely to Talk Like Mrs. Brown. . . Helena Parmar

Most Likely to Publish a Novel. . . Fritz Sehring

Most Likely to Sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. . . Bella Brabazon

Most Likely to Train a Kentucky Derby Winner. . . Adison Karbon

Most Likely to Be an Astronaut. . . Emerson Dycus

Most Likely to Own a Bookstore. . . Sydney Steckart

Most likely to Be a Farmer. . .Kai Assef
Most Involved “behind-the-scenes” at NDA. . .Caragan Olles