Senior Wills


Charles Peterson wills his boys’ dressing room leadership position to Sam Ruffell.

Ben Smet wills his Wrangler jeans and gas station sunglasses to Isaac Johnson. 

Reid Milton wills his B9 skills to Brendan Gruber and Michael Mcintee.

Sarah Lelinski wills her random compliments in the hallways to Bella McCarron. 

Hana Reitz wills her Tik Tok fame to Audrey Gagan.

Eli Canadeo wills his twerking skills to Bryce Eberhardt.

Jacob Conrad wills his “post game guns” to Joe Gerbitz. 

Sophia Woodward wills her love-hate relationship with cross country to Aubrey Guyette.

Mattea Vecera wills her constant simping and love of VSCO to Sonja Gapinski. 

Katherine Fangman wills her tutoring skills to Brooklyn Onell. 

Alana Bergin wills her position as girl’s goalkeeper to Carlene Goral.

Michael Hummel wills his minivan to Ben Hummel. 

Josie Bieker wills the school’s nice Yamaha french horn to Connor Seidl. 

Max Timmer wills his Konop addiction and debt from Konop to Anna Zimmermann. 

Jadyn Kulesa wills her game day playlist to Katie Peters and Brynn Greil. 

Alexandra Van Dreel wills her position as the book club member who never reads the book but always goes to the meetings to Jenny Ai.

Sydney Ditscheit wills her job of watering the plants in the chapel to Mary Popkey.

Courtney Romes wills her German fluency to Owen Campbell.

Sydney VanWychen wills her quietness to Maggie Thillman. 

Catharina Baeten wills her position as homeroom snack/activity coordinator to Maggie Gallagher, Maria Hanes and Madison Waldrop.

Reid Milton wills the key to the 3rd floor pool to his brother, Tate Milton.

Bridget Kapic wills her ability to wipeout doing box jumps to Sofia Klimo. 

Megan Zasuly wills her awkward humor to her sister, Katie Zasuly. 

Sam Peterman wills his legacy to Joe Gerbitz. 

Mattea Vecera wills her friendship with Mr. Konshak to Seth Baeten.

Breanna Van Dreel wills her legacy as the weird person on cross country doing all the random hand signals to her running buddies to Anna Lippert.  

Erik Sladky wills his title of NDA’s best looking Sladky to John Sack. 

Nick Foscato wills his flirtatious persona to Georgia Gregoire. 

Riley Onell wills the right to date his sister Brooklyn to Callan Budinger.

Sydney Ditscheit wills the NDA Life-Guards Club to her younger sister Riley.

Hayden Kapalin wills his amazing looks and body figure to Jason VandenHouten.

Juan Ruacho wills his appreciation of NDA to transfer kids from public schools.

Fritz Sehring wills his two-year-old lacrosse stick to Jack Fitzgerald.

Catharina Baeten wills her place as lead trumpet in jazz band to Chloe Forbes and Connor Seidel.

Riley Onell wills all of his jorts to Joe Gerbitz.

Maria Blahnik wills the crushing weight of reality that it is the junior year ahead of them to the sophomore class.

Cassidy Noble wills the JV girls golf team and all its glory to Riley VandenHouten. 

Henry Wied wills his legacy to his blood relatives, Rae, George, Frank and Simon Wied.

James Adams wills his extra-strength growth hormones to Tommy Geocaris

Ashley Lemens wills her pre-wrap to Charley Apple.

Sydney Steckart wills the bed furthest from the door in the hotel room during tennis invitationals to Sophie Rotherham. 

Evan Witczak wills his Honor Bio notes to Garrett Watzka. 

Alex LaMere wills his spot on the boys’ basketball bench to Ryan Darling.

Evan Skaletski wills his free Konop cookie card that he wasn’t able to use to his sister, Emma Skaletski.

Sydney Ditscheit wills her position as ASTRA president to Briana Fitzgerald and Alli Welker.

Alex Roach wills his JV spot on the golf team to Nik White.

Molly Rader wills her cookie dough ball recipe to Anna Gruesen.

Olivia Cullen wills her “title” from Mr. Kriegl to Heidi Lulloff.

Maggie Otradovec wills her incredibly detained and organized study guides to Joe Otradovec. 

Hannah Guyette wills her softball carpool driving duties to Betsy Conard. 

Ashley Lemens wills her position of best JV runner to get caught walking during practice to Owen Campbell

Ellen Meeuwsen wills her musical mic to Briana Fitzgerald. 

Ashley Lemens wills her absolutely outstanding Spanish speaking abilities to Brynn Greil .

Parker Olson wills his driving skills to Mason Olson. 

Caragan Olles wills her tennis team captain duties to Rachel VanHefty.

Will Ernst wills his small toilet plunger that he’s kept in his locker since freshman year to Mason Karbon.

Logan Skaletski wills his Tik Tok followers to Juliah Linzmeier. 

Maria Blahnik wills all rights to take up the mantle of the school DM for any and all Dungeons & Dragons related occurrences to Connor Gilson.

Ashley Lemens wills her dance moves to Sammy Opichka and Georgia Gregorie. 

Evan Walczyk wills his bowling prowess to Stanley Bailey and Robert Healy.

Jordan Bellmund wills her speed to get to the softball field to Katie Peters and Brynn Greil.

Gioia Cumicek wills her poor attendance to Mason Cumicek.

Sam Van Straten wills the duty to hit Mr. Kriegl with as many “draw 4” cards in Uno as possible to Matt Schumacher.

Ellen Meeuwsen wills her extra credit French stickers to Juliah Linzmeier. 

Marcus Hornacek wills his football and basketball spot to Daniel Hornacek.

Charlie Wied wills his junior year hockey picture to Byrce Eberhardt.

Ashley Lemens wills her two pairs of blue pants to Katie Peters.

Ben Gregory wills his cross country headbands to Alex Gutowski. 

Sydney Steckart wills her Book Club and Art Club duties to Jenny Ai.

Joseph Massabni wills the Investment Club to Nicholas Massabni. 

Leya AbuJamra wills her unparalleled athletic abilities to Sabra DeMarco. 

Ashley Lemens wills her absolutely outstanding Spanish speaking abilities to Brynn Greil. 

Owen Brummel wills the cross country authority and handsomeness to Frederico Aurrichio.

Howie Gerstner wills his NDA hype jewelry collection to Seth Baeten. 

Melanie Luna Guerrero wills her amazing talent of managing being late to almost every 1st hour period to Leonardo Rodriguez.

Anthony Jaslowski wills the position of resident automotive Know-it-all to Lucas Pavlik.

Shayla Cauldwell wills her love of Queen to Abby Elfner.

Kai Assef wills Tommy Geocaris to Sam Limoni. 

Ashley Lemens wills her breadstick eating abilities to Owen Campbell.

Brendan Willadsen wills Rhonda the Honda to Connor Willadsen.

Emerson Dycus wills the female presence in the altar servers to Anna Gruesen.