2020 Seniors’ Most Memorable Moments


My Most Memorable Moment Is… 


“When I led the cheers for a football game.” —Sarah Lelinski

Performing in the Academy Awards 2020.” —Charles Peterson

“Konshak’s teach appreciation party.” —Helena Parmar

“When I was Matilda in the musical.” —Maddy Burgess

“Going to the hockey state championship my senior year.” —Jacob Conrad

“Winning a soccer state championship.” —Sophia Woodward

“Celebrating with Mrs. Brown’s brownies in the locker room after George Kress hit a game-winning half court shot.” —Evan Skaletski

“When there was a fight in the cafeteria junior year.” —Katherine Fangman

“When Mr. Lagerman hopped over tables in the lunchroom to stop a fight.” —Jaydn Kulesa

“Konshak Teacher Appreciation Party.” —Eli Servais 

“When I was an emcee for the Academy Awards.” —Mattea Vecera

“When Henry Kanning jaywalked across Mason Street and got hit by a car.” —Maxwell Timmer

“Max Timmer for President fanny packs.” —Abby VanOoyen

“When I was eating a granola bar in English class junior year, and Mrs. Brown walked over, took the bar from me, took a bite out of it, handed it back and carried on with class.” —Ben Zabriskie

“Winning the first girls state soccer championship.” —Alana Bergin

“When there were mice in Mrs. Hollenback’s room, and she just picked them up and threw them in the garbage.” —Bridget Kapic

“Academy Awards my senior year.”–Samantha Mecklenberg

“Playing in the hockey state championship my senior year.” —Riley Onell

“Tailgates for football games with my friends.” —Samuel Peterman

“Mr. Gray’s classroom, whether it was hearing him play some sick bagpipes or sipping tea and hanging out with his granddaughter, Althea, in Philosophical Society.” —Catharina Baeten

“Having homeroom once a week my freshman year.” —Erik Sladky

“Watching Dennis Guo throw up in the garbage can in Mrs. Mayer’s room during morning announcements.” —Cassidy Noble

“Performing at the Academy Awards.” —Fritz Sehring

“Facing my crippling stage fright by performing at Cabaret Night last year with my sister by my side.” —Alexandra Van Dreel 

“When girls soccer won our first state game.” —Courtney Romes

“Running with my cousin in cross country.” —Juan Ruacho

“The first day of freshman year. I got lost in school and almost started crying ‘cause I didn’t know where to go.” —Ared Hernandez

“Doing the senior dance at the Academy Awards.” Emily Landwehr

“My first dance competition with the NDA dance team.” —Megan Zasuly

“Playing in the Resch for volleyball state.” —Katherine Walch

“Being captain of the tennis team.” —Caragan Olles

“Doing the first reading at the Chris Stefanik mega-Mass and seeing all my friends from the other Catholic schools that day.” —Sydney Ditscheit

“Being a part of Evan Witczak’s skit at the Academy Awards.” —Nick Foscato

“Soccer Season and the Academy Awards.” —Evan Witczak

“When Sam Schmidt showed up to school with the same hair as the hockey guys.” —Noah Sternig

“The summer service trip to Jamaica.” —Sydney Lemkuil

“My entire JV year of basketball my sophomore year, where I made so many memories with the guys and went 21-3.” —Jack Schumer

“Being in the Academy Awards.” —Alex Roach

“Playing in the sectional semi-final soccer game my senior year.” —Alex LaMere

“Either running at sectionals in a blizzard and making it to state as a team or acting in the musical with an amazing cast.” —Bella Zingler-Hoslet

“When my team won the dodgeball tournament.” —Albert Yanez

“Taking 3rd place in the Academy Awards.” —Henry Wied

“When the girls soccer team won state my sophomore year.” —Sydney VanWychen 

“Any time I got to perform on stage.” —Maggie Otradovec

“Winning the regional championship for volleyball for the 10th year in a row.” —Molly Rader