Math Teacher McClay Brings Enthusiasm for Learning to NDA


Sophia Schauer, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Why did Megan McClay become a teacher? 

“I became a teacher because I love math, love working with students, and I wanted to be a part of shaping our future,” said one of NDA’s newest math teachers.

“I decided to come to NDA because of its wonderful commitment to Catholic education and the great sense of community,’ said the recent graduate of UW-Stout.  Her degree is in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science with a concentration in Mathematics Education. 

McClay will teach geometry, advanced algebra, and algebra II.

“I love all areas, but algebra is probably my favorite subject to teach,” said McClay, who is basically a Wisconsinite from Park Falls, although her younger years included time spent in Denver, Colorado, and Dallas, Texas. 

The former cheerleader at UW-Stout added, “I love the problem solving and critical thinking that goes into math. So many approaches can lead to the same solution.” 

Her goal is “to connect with students and work with them to develop a love of learning.”  

A sports enthusiast, she enjoys hiking, running and re-watching all the seasons of both Friends and Criminal Minds.

McClay started off her teaching career with enthusiasm.

“My first days at NDA have been awesome,” she said.  “Orientation week was a great chance for me to meet most of my students, and the first days of class were so exciting. The students, teachers and staff have truly made my first few days a blessing. I look forward to seeing what the rest of the year brings.”