Pandemic Changes College Application, College Scholarship Process

Pandemic Changes College Application, College Scholarship Process

Elizabeth Rickards, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Due to the pandemic, applying to college is different this year.

Many colleges and universities recently announced that the ACT or SAT are test-optional due to COVID-19. This has also started applying to scholarships as well, but not all.

Nevertheless, for some students not having to take the standardized tests brings relief because it is one less thing to worry about during this crazy time.

“I did sign up for multiple ACT tests that got canceled but fortunately most of the schools I applied to are test-optional,  so everything worked out,” said Briana Fitzgerald, a senior at Notre Dame Academy.

Some students are, however, struggling with the fact that touring the school beforehand may not be as easy as before. To make up for not being able to see the college in person, plenty of schools have turned to virtual tours via their websites.

All colleges are providing virtual tours via their websites, whether they are scheduled to live video visits or on-demand videos,” said Ms. Becky Bain, college counselor. “ If there is a good week where numbers are down, maybe students will get lucky and score an in-person tour.”

If you are struggling with your resume because COVID-19  has canceled all your plans, remember, you still have your essay! Your essay is your chance to tell colleges all about you and who you are. Tell your stories so that they know even though you didn’t get to run cross country this year, that you still gave it your all during quarantine!

“Colleges look for quality, not quantity,” said Ms. Bain. 

You also have letters of recommendation to use as a way to help you show your personality. Those have not changed, so get to a teacher and ask. 

Students at NDA are blessed to have some great teachers who write amazing letters of recommendation. 

Remember, there are plenty of colleges waiting to meet you so go and apply today.