Freshman English Class Surprised by Zoom Dance Party


Staff Writer, Journalism I

Some English 9 Honors students experienced a Zoom dance party at the end of class on Friday, October 16. 

English teacher Sadie LaJoe organized the surprise because, as she explained, “My students have been diligently working on some pretty heavy content.  All English 9 students read Night by Elie Wiesel and discuss the Holocaust.  This is an incredibly important topic to cover, and we have great conversations and class discussions.”  

Since students were reading Night at home during online learning, LaJoe  thought they could use a little fun on a Friday.  She told them to finish their work in breakout rooms and get ready for an epic dance party at the end of class.  

“Secretly,’ the teacher explained, “ I invited parents to join our Zoom call and to dance with us.  When students came back to class they were shocked to see their parents dancing and having fun too.  We even had some older siblings dancing with us, and Mr. Browne joined in from his cabin up north.”  

Principal Patrick Browne, whose dance moves involved tossing a stool, said, “I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to add a bit of fun to a Friday afternoon while we are all virtual.”

Those who saw the entire song/dance video couldn’t help but join in laughing as the students’ faces showed their shock and surprise.

“Hoping one day soon we can all have fun together in person, maybe during a pep rally,” said the principal.