Dan Winkler: NDA’s Bird Expert, Environmentalist Extraordonaire


Sophia Schauer, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

“I love opening my Facebook newsfeed and seeing one of Mr. Winkler’s fantastic bird pictures,” said English teacher Carolyn Brown. “And if you have a question about a bird, he knows the answer.” 

Dan Winkler, science teacher and adviser of the NDA Environmental Club, took ornithology in college and loved the class. 

“I also worked in Madison and Tennessee researching birds for a couple of summers.  Finding birds is a lot like a scavenger hunt,” said Winkler, who enjoys traveling to see different birds. 

“I have been all over the state to find some interesting species. There are lots of different habitats in Wisconsin because the state is incredibly diverse, which means that there are lots of opportunities for various species.”  

Winkler, now in his ninth year at NDA, grew up in Seymour but went to school in Freedom.  He earned his bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Ecology and Management–with a minor in Spanish–from Michigan Tech. He went to St. Norbert College for his Broadfield Science teaching certification.

There is a history of educators in my family,” said Winkler, “but it wasn’t until I became a substitute teacher that I learned that I enjoyed being in the classroom.”  

The club he advises, the Environmental Club, has been one of the most active extracurriculars  in this semester of virtual learning. 

“We are hoping to have everyone engaged and learn more about the environment this year,” he said. “There are tons of exciting online activities offered through our Classroom page.  We want to continue doing good in the community through awareness, cleanup efforts and service.