Theology Teacher Schmidt Connects with God Outdoors


CoCo Guiou, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Mrs. Lisa Schmidt is a nature lover and dog owner in addition to being a theology teacher at Notre Dame Academy.

“I do love the outdoors! My husband John and I spend a lot of time outside. I love to take daily walks along the Fox River.  We camp, fish, kayak and garden. I especially love to tend to my flower beds in the summer,” said Schmidt.

Her small Yorkshire terrier loves to tag along in the adventures.

“His name is Coleman Franklin Schmidt,” she said, “named after camping (Coleman stove?)and the campground we were at when he was born. He is 7 and a half. Spoiled? Yes! He loves coming along with us, no matter where we are going, particularly camping!” 

Schmidt also enjoys connecting to God and deepening her faith through the outdoors.

“I find a great connection with God when I am out kayaking on a lake, walking through the woods, watching the sunset or simply enjoying a cup of coffee outside on our deck.”

Covid-19 caused NDA to go virtual, throwing a fork in teachers’ learning plans.

Schmidt, however, has found joy in the process of teaching online. 

“I have learned so much about technology. I’ve also learned how to do ALL assignments paperless via Google Classroom. These are all wonderful outcomes of the situation we all find ourselves in. Working from home has also given me the opportunity to get more sleep, enjoy the beauty of our home, a slower pace of life and spend more time with my husband, who is also working from home,” she said.

Sadly, Covid has also taken away the ability to see her father, who is 89 and residing in nursing care. 

“But I see staying away as the price we need to pay to keep everyone we love, and ourselves, healthy,” she said.