Alum Madelyn Glosny’s Book to Publish in March 2021


Autumn Mayer, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Madelyn Glosny, also known by her pseudonym Madelyn Rose, is a Notre Dame alumni that will become a published author in March 2021. 

Glosny graduated from Notre Dame in 2018 and is now a junior at St. Norbert, where she is double-majoring in Communication Media Studies and Integrative Studies and minoring in Theater. 

Her goal is to publish as many books as she can, and she writes constantly when she is not busy with school or work. 

“I have absolutely no idea why I started writing,” she said, “but I do know that I’ve continued because it makes me feel grateful for what I have.”

As a kid, Glosny often dreamed up stories, even about people she saw in the grocery store; she wanted to put her stories on paper so she could enjoy them again and again. 

Another one of her goals is to change lives for the better through her writing. 

Glosny’s book Beneath: A Secret Society was originally supposed to be published two years ago, but things didn’t work out. 

Thankfully, she was able to get out of that contract and pursue other publishers.  

She met her current publisher, TitleTown Publishing, through a family member. 

“Now that I’m here,” she said, “I look back and understand that God wanted me to learn and grow from the first unfortunate experience. While it was difficult to go through, it made me a lot stronger, and even more determined to have my book published. When you want something, don’t give up.”

Beneath: A Secret Society follows Rosabella Porter, a young woman with a big heart and a temper that could make her go up against a wildfire. 

The story is told through four different perspectives, and Glosny also worked to include diversity to “make it a book anyone can enjoy.” 

“It’s extremely important that we develop an understanding of people who may be different from us so that we can all grow from that and develop more empathy. I think we all could use some empathy, whether we realize it or not,” she said.

The book, set in a futuristic dystopian society, also plays with the idea that what is good for one person might not be the best for another, even if the two are best friends. 

Through her mentorship with Tracy Ertl, owner and publisher at TitleTown Publishing, Glosny has learned a lot about the publishing process. 

“To have someone walk with me through the process has been a gift!” she said. 

The process is mostly the same from publisher to publisher: there’s editing, cover design, pricing, marketing, and more. 

“It’s a business as much as it is a fulfiller of writers’ dreams,” Glosny added. 

When asked to give advice to someone interested in being published, Glosny said not to be afraid of vulnerability. 

Publishers like writers to put parts of their soul into their writing because it makes stories more interesting. 

“Or just go all in and pour your whole soul in,” she said. “Of course, it’s definitely scary–you’re sharing your innermost thoughts after all–but it will help you grow.”

For more information about Glosny and her book, which will be available for preorders December 14-21, visit her website at: 



In the Fortress, an underground society unmarred by the Government’s clutches, there is a rule that looms over everyone’s heads like a dark cloud:  join or die. There is no in-between. When Rosabella Porter and Aire Gil discover the underground society, the two women make the most logical decision to stay alive. They join. 

Rosabella doesn’t expect to fall in love. The freedom and independence the Fortress provides are like a dream she can’t wrap her head completely around. However, one man, Clayton Taylor, the ignorant, conceited man she simply can’t stand, has no problem snapping her out of her dream-like state. He and Rosabella don’t always see eye-to-eye; what right does he have to treat others with such disrespect? And worst of all, how could Aire Gil, her best friend, like him? Their thoughtful leader, Bernard, does his best to keep the peace, but when relationships crumble and the pressures of the outside world come rushing in, will he be able to maintain order within the society he helped to build and swore to protect?