Renee Porod: A Passion for Racing

Kylie Callaway, Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

Passions come in many shapes and sizes for different individuals. For senior Renee Porod, her greatest passion comes in the shape of a race track. Growing up on the tracks, she watched from the sidelines with her mom, while her dad was waving the flags. As her passion for racing continues to grow, she finds talent in many racers. However, her all-time favorite is Niki Lauda, an F1 driver that recently passed away.

Spending roughly five weekends a year at the race track, Porod is able to see many  amazing races. Sometimes a racing event can have a total of five races. For her, this is special  time spent with family.

“Sometimes my mom goes, but usually it is just my brother and I because we have more of an interest in it. A couple of times we have gone with family members or some of my family’s friends,” she said.

Even though she may have not met any famous race car drivers, Renee has a strong connection with Andy Mcdermid. He has won the championship of SCCE multiple times. Unlike all of these famous racers, Porod does not want to drive a race car. 

Watching the race itself–and anticipating the final outcome–is her idea of fun. 

“The uncertainty of what could happen until the end because anything could happen if there is a crash, or a caution, or even just a simple passing. You never know who is going to win,” she explained. 

Racing is a big part of her life and something she enjoys. The memories she has made on the track will always be with her. Life is like racing. There is always the uncertainty of what will happen next.