Joseph Stumpf: Eagle Scout Court of Honor Held May 8


Kylie Callaway, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

This year NDA had two students achieve Eagle Scout status in the Boy Scouts of America program. One of those students was sophomore Joseph Stumpf, who recently observed his Court of Honor at Pittsfield Community Center in Green Bay.  

The other was Josh Goral, featured earlier in the Tritonian.

Stumpf, who participated in one of the first nights of Eagle Board of Reviews following a Covid-19 shutdown of them, actually became an Eagle Scout on June 23, 2020.  His Court of Honor was delayed until May 8 so family and friends could safely attend. 

One component of becoming an Eagle Scout is community service. Joe’s contribution to the community was to help relocate and renovate the outside classrooms at Pulaski High School. 

Becoming an Eagle Scout is no easy endeavor. 

It takes a lot of work over a long period of time and a lot of requirements to progress even to the point of being able to get the Eagle Scout rank,” said Stumpf.

“Joe Stumpf is a perfect example of what the term ‘Eagle Scout’ means to me,” said Mrs. Carolyn Brown, his Freshman Honors English teacher.  “Scouting to me means unselfish service to the community with an appreciation of the environment and the desire to learn a lot. Joseph is smart, talented and mature.”

“A lot of people in my extended family are also Eagle Scouts, which is why I initially got involved in scouting, but as I progressed I just wanted to become an Eagle Scout,” explained the sophomore.  “My grandpa is a role model as he is and has been very involved in Scouts for a very long time and has helped me along my way to becoming one myself.”