Grace Corriveau Returns to NDA, Teaches in Science Department with Mom


Riley Guyette, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

After graduating in 2015, Ms. Grace Corriveau has returned to Notre Dame Academy to share her love of nature with the community. 

Corriveau grew up in Green Bay and attended Notre Dame Academy for all four of her high school years.

Corriveau decided during her junior year to take IB Chemistry, which was taught by her mother, Mrs. Deborah Corriveau, who has been teaching at NDA for 18 years. 

“I enjoyed having Grace (Ms. Corriveau) in class because I selfishly wished to be the person to explain the subject of chemistry to her,” said Corriveau (the older), “But, I would get personally stressed whenever it was time for me to grade Grace’s assessments and tests.”

Corriveau (Deborah) wanted to ensure that her daughter wasn’t getting unfair treatment during class. 

“I always try to be very consistent with my grading, regardless of whose test I am looking at, and I did not want to ever give her an unfair advantage,” explained the veteran teacher. ”I think she will confirm that she never felt like she had an advantage, except she did have the opportunity to ask a clarifying question whenever she wished while at home. I don’t remember spending lots of time tutoring her though.” 

After graduating from NDA in 2015, Corriveau (younger) attended UW-Madison, where her love of teaching developed. 

She began tutoring her peers in topics she could understand and realized that she could convey said concepts with clarity.

It was rewarding to explain a subject in a way that helped people to better understand,” she added.

Corriveau obtained her Bachelor Of Science degree in Conservation Biology.

Since college, she has been working at Mountain Village School, a nature-based preschool program in Vermont, as an after-school lead teacher and summer camp coordinator. 

“We spent the majority of our time outside, including learning as well as eating and napping,” she explained. “I loved being able to experience every season outside. It brought about a respect and appreciation for nature.”

This year, Corriveau returned to the Notre Dame community, teaching Earth Science. 

Both Corriveaus agree that it’s strange to be working as coworkers.

Corriveau (Ms.) explained, “Having my mother as a coworker is no stranger than having her as a teacher… I am still unclear as to whether to call her Mom, Mrs. Corriveau or Deb.” 

She did admit, however, that there are some advantages while working together.

“It is helpful to have an immediate resource to answer your questions and calm your concerns,” she said. 

Corriveau (Mrs.) agreed, saying, “It did feel a little weird to see my daughter operating as an adult in my work environment. But I am very proud of her. Grace has the respect of the science teachers in our department who taught her as a student. She is kind and intelligent and asks good questions. I think it will be handy for her to have me nearby when she has questions. It won’t take long before she will be showing me more about software and technology stuff.” 

This upcoming year, Daughter Corriveau is looking forward to sharing her love and fascination with the outdoors with her students.