Miranda Sendek: NDA’s Newest English Teacher


Nick Bumgardner, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

With the 2021 school year in full swing, NDA has a new addition to its English Department.

Ms. Miranda Sendek, UW-Green Bay graduate, will be teaching senior English, senior English A, and Freshman Honors English this year.

“I’m really enjoying [NDA].  It’s been a great experience,” Sendek said. “Everybody’s been so welcoming—students and staff alike.” 

In college, she majored in English education with an emphasis in literature.

Before joining the NDA staff, Sendek was a student teacher at Chilton High School and served as a long-term substitute for a semester before spending the past two years teaching middle school.

As for how she decided on NDA, Sendek explains it ultimately came down to the school’s core values.

“I was looking online, and when I found out about this position, I looked into [NDA].  I read the mission statement on the school website and got intrigued so I applied,” she explained.

When it comes to her teaching style, Sendek emphasizes the importance of classroom discussion.

“I give my examples and then I like to guide discussion.  I believe a lot in whole-class discussion and working collaboratively in making sure that everyone has their voice heard.”

Sendek owes her inspiration to join the education field to her high school English teacher.

“I had her for three of my four years in high school.  She was a wonderful blessing for me,” Sendek recalled.

At home she has a Chihuahua mix named Hufflepup and is an avid reader.

Her favorite book is Les Miserables, which she has read a total of 8 times!

“I’m just really excited to get more people reading.  I always recommend….if you’re looking for a good classic. . . start with Pride and Prejudice.”