Senior Anna Lippert Nails Her Business


Frannie Wied, Violet Korpal,Audrey Burnell, Staff Writers, Journalism I

A member of the Journalism I class became the one interviewed for a feature story.  Here are two renditions of what was learned about one of NDA’s newest entrepreneurs.

Anna Lippert, a senior at Notre Dame Academy, has a very unique business. She runs an online nail business, selling customizable glue-on nails. 

This passion for nail art started young for Lippert, but also blossomed from a humorous origin story. 

“I realized that if I painted my nails, and they were wet, I could get out of doing chores,” said Anna, “I can be a very spiteful person sometimes.”

These nails have proven to be popular for people of all ages. Her main advertisement is her instagram page: @annarae_nails, direct messaging, and through word of mouth. Lippert says that she would like to start an Etsy shop sometime in the future to expand her business. 

“I’ll have one girl get her nails done, and then her friends ask her where she got them, and then they’re all interested and want the same thing,” said Lippert. “Word of mouth is how I sell a lot of my nails.” 

Anything that you can think of, Lippert can paint- -the skies are the limit for her creativity. Along with Lippert’s instagram account, there is a Pinterest board linked in her bio that contains scores of images and ideas as to what can be customized for you. 

So you may be wondering what comes with these nails that Lippert sells? The package contains  cuticle pusher, file, alcohol pad (to dehydrate nails), nail glue, an instruction card, a thank you note, Smarties, and, of course, the nails. She usually delivers them in person, most of the time at school, or can ship them directly to you. 

Lippert also has a Tiktok account with step-by-step instructions on how to use the supplies and glue on your nails. 

“I want to pursue a future as a nail artist, and someday get my licensing,” said Lippert. She hopes to attend a nearby beauty school in order to pursue nails. 

“I definitely think of myself as an artist,” says Lippert, “and nail art allows me to express myself in a distinctive way.”


“I would just like to clarify that everything I’m doing is legal,” said business owner Anna Lippert, a senior at NDA.

Lippert started a glue-on nail business called Anna Rae Nails in the summer of 2021 and sells glue-on nails. 

If you ask around the school, quite a few people buy from Lippert. 

She has no shame in her game as it has been quite successful.

“Not to be overconfident, but I don’t have to worry about my business fading away because boys and girls have always loved having nice nails,” Lippert said.

Lippert’s main reason for starting her business was, in her own words, just “being spiteful.” 

One day, her mom and sister told her her nails looked horrible, so she wanted to show them what she could really do and kept improving her nail art skills until one day a friend told her that he liked her nails. 

This became a money-making idea for her–and the birth of her business.

Her whole basement has slowly been taken over by her nail supplies and transformed into her own little workshop. After school and her extra curriculars she goes down there and gets to work.

You can find her on Instagram with the username @annarae_nails. There, if you direct message her the nails that you want, she will sell them to you for $15 after painting and cutting the nails. 

The package of nails includes a cuticle pusher, file, alcohol pad, nail glue, instructions and even Smarties. 

Now, after creating a successful business, Lippert’s goal is to go to The Academy of Beauty Professionals to get her licenses to work in a salon.