Coach Prudisch Praises Team in Run for State Title


Violet Korpal, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Mr. Prudisch, a science teacher here at Notre Dame, is also the coach of the NDA soccer team that made it all the way to state. 

Prudisch still loves having the competitive aspect of soccer in his life as he played all through middle school, high school and college. 

This season was Prudisch’s third soccer season here. 

“It’s teaching soccer to the next generation and watching them achieve their goals that makes coaching so amazing,” said Prudisch.

He has one child at home and one on the way that he hopes will play soccer as well, so they can share the same love for the game. 

COVID has complicated things for the past few years for the NDA soccer team. 

They were glad that they got the most out of their first full season in a while, as they got as far as they possibly could have. 

The varsity boys soccer team made it all the way to the championship this year, losing to penalty kicks that the other team scored. 

The NDA team is the first team to not be scored upon at state, and still lose. 

Prusich explained,“We didn’t lose, we sort of tied.”

Next season they will lose 12 seniors from this year, and 8 out of their 11 starters.     Prudisch describes how they will have to sort of rebuild their team but is excited for some new players.

“This group of guys was the best team I have ever played with. Everyone was always there to support you no matter what. You could always rely on someone having your back. Although it ended in a disappointing finish, I think we can say we were proud of what we accomplished,” said freshman Keegan Maxfield, a player on the NDA boys varsity soccer team.