Milana Volkova, International Student, Impressed by Kindness of Americans


Sophie Hornberger, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Milana Volkova is an international student from Kolpashevo, Russia. Although she has travelled to many countries and has been learning English since the age of six, Volkova had never been to the United States before. 

Volkova, a sophomore, decided to study at NDA to gain a new cultural experience in the United States. 

“I was curious about the American educational system,” said Volkova. “I think that America is a country of choice and opportunities, and here you can be whatever you want.” 

Despite missing her family and friends in Russia, Volkova has been enjoying her new school experiences.  

“The best experience of course is school life,” said Volkova, noting that new friends, classes, lunch, Fall Fest and school football have been some of her favorites.

Volkova has joined many clubs at NDA and has even started skiing with the Bay Nordic Ski team.

“I’m so excited for the season because in Russia I have been skiing for three years,” said Volkova, “and now in America, I have a great opportunity to get a new experience.”

Although she has been loving her time at Notre Dame and in the United States, it was a bit of an adjustment for her at first. 

“The first month at school was hard,” said Volkova. “I didn’t understand the school concept, and I was spending a lot of time on homework, but I pushed myself and now I feel the progress.”

Volkova’s favorite part of being in the U.S. is how kind everyone here has been to her. 

“People are open-minded, friendly and kind,” said Volkova. “I was impressed when a stranger said ‘hi’ to me, or smiled and asked me how I was feeling. I like how people treat each other here.”

Volkova plans to start a Russian Club along with Kian Wasilkoff and Vlada Klymenko to share the Russian culture with her peers at NDA and hopes to be sharing more information about it soon. 

“Sometimes I miss my cozy room and home,” said Volkova, “but all of that is just a trifle because the experience which I’m receiving here can’t be compared with anything else.”

Volkova is excited for what the rest of her year here at NDA holds. 

“I can say that I believe this year will be the most unforgettable year in my life,” said Volkova, “and I hope that I will be back to graduate from NDA!”