Erin Johnson Says NDA Prepared Her for Career in Finance


Cassi Garrison, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Since graduating from Notre Dame Academy, alumna Erin Johnson has discovered her future in the world of finance. 

Currently working at a wealth management firm, Johnson believes that using her mathematical gifts and “excitement to know people” to build trust with clients is the most fulfilling part of her job.

“We get to be that anchor,” she said. “We help with the burden when times get tough.  We translate the complexities and make it simple.”

Johnson commended the “faith and strong community” of NDA and believes that its communal spirit has had a tremendous impact on the person she is. 

“NDA was a sanctuary for me,” she reflected. “Excitement filled the halls; the community reminded us that we were loved.”

Johnson, who graduated in 2014, noted that the IB program, in particular, was quite influential on her later life.

“It pushed my mind to expand… to look at a situation in different layers and with different lenses,” she explained.

On academics, Johnson said that Mrs. Montgomery’s accounting class, in particular, piqued her budding interest in mathematics and led her to discern her career path.

“It added to my excitement about numbers,” she shared. “It was a challenging class that I felt prepared me for college and life.”

At UW Eau-Claire, Johnson earned her BA in Accounting, gained valuable interning experience and “got to meet people from all over the world.”

Living on the international floor of her dormitory, Johnson shared that she learned to appreciate the myriad of cultures in the world and formed many great friendships.

On her time at NDA, Johnson said that “too many teachers and staff members to list have such a powerful impact on so many students. The atmosphere is remarkable.”

“God gives you opportunities that you could never even conceive,” Johnson reflected. “It’s important to allow him to guide you. That’s where true happiness will be found.”