Preble Transfer Loves Volleyball, Appreciates Being in Catholic School

Preble Transfer Loves Volleyball, Appreciates Being in Catholic School

Jacob VanOoyen, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

With the start of a new semester comes some new faces to the Notre Dame family, and Alivia Jeanquart is one of these people. 

Jeanquart is a junior transfer from a nearby high school called Preble, which she has attended since her freshman year.

“Switching schools can be hard, but my awesome friends have been so helpful,” said Jeanquart.

At Preble, she was involved with the volleyball team and had been named an all-conference player for her outstanding talent in the sport. 

“Volleyball has always been a passion of mine since I was a child,” Jeanquart explained.

Jeanquart started playing at St. Bernard, a local Catholic middle school that is part of the GRACE ‘ system. 

Along with playing for her high school team and middle school team, she also plays club volleyball with Impact, a volleyball club in Appleton.

She is on the 17’s national team along with two other NDA students, Mya Kapalko and Danielle Dow.

They will be playing all over the country–from right here in Wisconsin to all the way in Florida, which is a huge commitment.

Playing all over the country can also affect her academic life as well since she will be missing many school days.

“I am very fortunate to have the parents I do. They allow me to pursue volleyball at such a high level of play,” said Jeanquart.

Growing up, Jeanquart went to a Catholic middle school and elementary school. 

“Although I didn’t go to a Catholic high school, we are very religious,” said the junior transfer.

She is about to start the process of confirmation, which is the next big step in her faith.

Confirmation is the choice Catholics have to continue their faith into their adulthood and is one of the first independent choices of a young Christian. 

“ I enjoy knowing I can practice my faith at school again and am so excited for all the memories to come,” she explained.