Theology Teacher Gretzinger Brings Enthusiasm, Experience to Her Classroom


Reese Van Pay, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Notre Dame Academy welcomes Mrs. Deborah Gretzinger to the theology department.

Gretzinger is not a stranger to the NDA community, having a son that attends the school, and is excited to be joining the faculty this semester. 

She saw the opportunity to teach at NDA as a way to return to her roots as a teacher. 

“It was a chance to educate others about Catholicism in a new way,” Gretzinger said.

Gretzinger isn’t the only one excited about her arrival at NDA.

“I was impressed with her get-down-to-business attitude as she set up her classroom,said  Mrs. Carolyn Brown, current NDA English teacher.

Gretzinger has experience teaching English and religion at St. Joseph Catholic School, as well as teaching English and creative writing at The Prairie School. 

She has also coordinated religious education for grades K-11 at Prince of Peace Catholic Church and St. Agnes Catholic Church. 

Gretzinger was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, the oldest of three girls, and moved to Milwaukee to attend Marquette University. 

Her initial aspirations were to become a physical therapist. 

I actually originally didn’t want to be a teacher because my parents were both teachers,” Gretzinger explained.

After 18 months of college, Gretzinger’s adviser sat her down and suggested she take a different route.

“So he convinced me to take one education class and I was hooked.  I still finished my BA in four years and never looked back.”

Gretzinger also attended Mount Mary University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and St. Leo University in St. Leo, Florida. 

The religion teacher is very passionate about teaching theology and sees it as a privilege to give students a better understanding about the Catholic faith.

“Through our baptism we are all called to be “priest, prophet, and king.”  Teaching is a way to actively be an intentional disciple and literally spread the Good News.” said Gretzinger.

Gretzinger hopes to give students a solid foundation on who God is and to strengthen her students’ faith.

She expects that her students come to class with a positive attitude, a willingness to learn about Catholicism, and an open mind and heart.