Student Teacher Brings Her Own Brand of ‘Kindness’ to NDA


Violet Korpal, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Ms. Emma Kindness, a new music education student teacher from St. Norbert College, is dedicated not only to music, but also to  her faith.  Her supervising teacher is Mrs. Chris Salerno, choral music director.

“I love being able to talk about God whenever I want in a private school because Jesus is such a big part of my life,” said Kindness.

Kindness is from a town called West Bend near Milwaukee with a population of about 32,000. 

The high school she went to was called West Bend East, but yet half of the building was considered West Bend West, and it was basically just one big high school of about 2,000 students. Kindness played tennis sophomore year through senior year and was on varsity her last year. 

“I loved playing tennis, but it is a little more on the boring-to-watch side, so I would have to say baseball and hockey are my favorite sports to watch,” said Kindness.

After high school, Kindness was sent a free application to St. Norbert College to which  she then applied and chose as her college. 

“I heard that they had a really good music program, and I loved their campus,” said Kindness.

She did ballet and tap in some of her childhood but always seemed to love the singing part of music more. 

Kindness’ mom sings a lot too, so she was surrounded by an entire world of music growing up, all of which was a major influence on her.

In middle school she was questioning music and even thinking of quitting because of her teacher, but then she entered high school and had the completely opposite experience. 

Kindness’ high school teacher inspired her to continue her love and passion for music into her future and take it everywhere she goes. 

Kindness said, “She kind of re-sparked my interest in music.”

Her freshman year of college she didn’t know that she wanted to be a music teacher, but when she started making mini-lesson plans for one of her classes her sophomore year, she knew this is what she wanted to do.

“I think in the future I would like to teach at a private school either elementary or high school,” said Kindness. 

In her free time, Kindness loves to reflect and journal about her day as well as journal about and read the Bible. 

During her time here she will get to experience teaching high school level music classes and also teaching in a private Catholic school, exactly what she wanted.