Evie Rickards Sacrifices Her Study Hall to Benefit NDA


Frannie Wied, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Evie Rickards, a junior at Notre Dame Academy, gives up her study hall every day to volunteer and make calls for Phone-a-thon. 

Phone-a-thon is a vital part of Notre Dame Academy’s funding and is the second-largest fundraiser of the year.  It relies on student volunteers to make calls to donors, parents, and alumni requesting donations for the school. 

“This helps better our education and make sure that everyone is able to attend Notre Dame Academy,” said Rickards. 

Rickards first volunteered for Phone-a-thon after volunteering with Sting Cancer Club one night. This was during her freshman year, right before the pandemic. Even with everything going on in the world, she’s kept at it through the past two years, showing dedication and commitment to helping better our school. 

“It sort of just became a routine of going to help because I thought it was fun,” said Rickards. 

Rickard’s work has benefited NDA in multiple ways, such as subsidizing tuition, paying teachers’ salaries and helping the school afford things like electricity and new purchases. 

“Some of my favorite things about doing the Phone-a-thon is bonding with Mrs. Teitz and getting to know more about her and getting to call some of my family friends or friends’ parents,” said Rickards.

Rickards reflected on her time spent working with Phone-a-thon, saying that it is a rewarding and enjoyable experience watching all of her hard work unfold. 

“The most rewarding part of doing the Phone-a-thon every year is the end result. Seeing how much money we raised this year versus previous years and seeing how many calls I made this year. It’s a really rewarding and exciting experience,” said Rickards.