NDA Alum Owns Business, Lives Her Dream with Beyond ABC


Cassi Garrison, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Since graduating from Notre Dame Academy, Angelina Tracey has become a successful business owner, educator and yoga instructor. 

Her company, Beyond ABC, combines cutting-edge science with interactive experiences to provide guardians with tools to ensure the healthy cognitive development of their children.

Beyond ABC offers a myriad of educational opportunities for parents and children alike- workshops to enhance parents’ knowledge of developmental wellness and curated reading lists to promote early literacy.

“Beyond ABC allows me to utilize what I like most about teaching, education and entrepreneurship,” Tracey shared. “I love providing fun ways for parents, children and teens to optimize their lives.”

Services like Beyond ABC’s were interrupted by the pandemic but have been rendered only more critical by it.

“I think that COVID has significantly impacted children’s development,” Tracey said. “I’m grateful to have the opportunity to help them.”

Beyond ABC’s classes will launch in Green Bay in March, and early this summer courses for teenagers will be introduced.

Of her career, Tracey says that the calling towards education “began at a young age” and was further developed and nurtured by her time in high school.

“At NDA I was challenged academically, motivated to live a life of service, felt supported and had opportunities to lead,” she explained, adding that “the daily influence of faith” helped to build character and shape her as a person.

After high school, she attended Marquette University, simultaneously pursuing a degree in business and volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters, a non-profit committed to aiding child development.

“The first day I walked into the classroom, I knew I had to follow my intuition and pursue a degree in education,” reflected Tracey. 

Shortly after that, she started research on the country’s top education schools. 

Her research, along with the desire to be “somewhere warm,” led her to the University of Texas at Austin.

Tracey graduated with degrees in Education and English and called college “one of the greatest experiences” of her life.

On the advice that she would give to students and fledgling entrepreneurs, Tracey said: “Be kind, stand in your power and have a solid foundation.”