International Students Share Thoughts About Leaving U.S.


Violet Korpal, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

International students will soon have to say their goodbyes to not only Notre Dame Academy but also to the entire U.S. 

Vladyslava Klymenko, Eva Gillet and Anita Mannnuzu all agreed that this was the biggest growing experience they have ever had, and they are glad they all came. 

“You will grow a lot while here,” said Klymenko from Russia.

They have gained a sense of individuality, grown in confidence and independence and just generally matured because of all of the different aspects of American culture. 

They have also learned that your parents aren’t always going to be there for you, and you learn how to spend time alone. 

“It’s like you feel alone and do things by yourself and sometimes you’re exhausted because you have to be so independent and on your own,” said Gillet from France.

They will miss the kindness and comfort of the American school system compared to the foreign school system.

“The teachers don’t really help you at all back in our countries. You’re on your own,” said Mannuzzu from Italy. 

They have made many friends here at NDA who will be missed greatly. 

They advise all incoming international students to not be afraid to put themselves out there and talk to other students. 

“The best part of this entire thing was making new friends,” said Mannuzzu.

All three international students talked about making the most out of every situation and going to whatever you can, such as school sport events, dances and other outside-of-school activities. All agreed such doings make your experience the true American experience. 

In the words of Klymenko, “Don’t go home with regrets.”