Alum Hannah French Living the Hollywood Dream, Still Connects with NDA Friends

Violet Korpal, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Hannah French, Class of 2013, is living some people’s dream all the way out in California by working for Kim Kardashian’s company SKIMS. 

French works as the brand manager where she is not only the boss of the brand but also directs the junior coordinators. She manages three PR agencies (two in New York and one in London), leads monthly meetings and weekly pre-collection drop meetings, works with stylists and designer fashion houses (Tom Ford and Chanel) and manages marketing and branding with pop-up stores and “other things like that.” 

“I’ve had the best experiences throughout my time living and working in Los Angeles, and I wouldn’t change it,” said French. 

French’s time at NDA included soccer, track & field, Model UN, student government and a version of Swing Choir her senior year.

After graduating from NDA, she attended Texas Christian University and majored in fashion merchandising with a minor in communications. 

One of French’s favorite “pinch me” moments is when she got to work with Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum for a campaign with SKIMS. She watched Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model all through middle school, which  influenced her decision and desire to go into the fashion industry. Thus, it was basically a dream come true. 

Her favorite part of her job is working for a company that influences popular culture through creative marketing and produces quality products that transcend age, ability, socioeconomic status and background. 

“Almost every person in my life and circle wears SKIMS – my mom, my grandma, my cousin, my friends, even my guy friends wear our boyfriend collection. SKIMS continues to innovate, evolve and listen to culture, and I love being a part of a company that I believe in on every level,” said the alum.

Recently SKIMS launched collections for Paralympians (SKIMS x Team USA) and people with limited mobility (the Adaptive collection). SKIMS prices are accessible to most people in the USA. SKIMS launched its first bi-lingual campaign with Rosalía this month and launched Swim with an assortment of 19 styles in 7 colors and 9 sizes, so women could find the perfect swim set and cover up based on their body, preference, and occasion.

SKIMS’ biggest mission is to include everyone and continuously improve the concept of inclusion, all of which is what French loves most about her job.

Even living all the way in Venice, California, French still stays connected with her NDA friends and family.  Venice is one of her favorite places she has lived so far after moving from New York four years ago. 

Nearly nine years after graduating from NDA, French is still super close with her high school friends and still considers them her best friends.

“They’re still genuinely my best friends after nearly 14 years! We live all over, and we’re all in very different phases of our lives from medical school, to engagements, to the single life and incredible jobs. We’re in New York, LA, Chicago, Canada and more, but we still manage to talk every week and plan yearly trips together,” she said. 

French’s post-NDA days have been filled with the kind of adventures many people only dream of experiencing.