Food Truck Rally Brings Back NDA Tradition


Chelsea McKay

Lines were long outside “Rusty’s Smokin’ Hot BBQ” food truck.

Reese Van Pay, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The Food Truck Rally came back for the first time since the pandemic and it was a hit. 

Four food trucks appeared on Maryhill Drive at lunch and advisory last Thursday, and the lines to get food took up most of the lawn. 

Students had the opportunity to go to Mai’s Fresh and Delicious Egg Rolls, Rusty’s Smokin Hot BBQ, Philly and York, and the Dough Shop.

Options for food varied from egg rolls, fried rice, BBQ fare, phillys, burgers, wraps and even cookie dough. 

“I was super excited to try new foods, something that isn’t Konop,” said Andrew Delvoye.

This tradition has been at NDA for eight years, but for the past two it has been canceled due to Covid-19, like most events.

It also used to be called Food Truck Friday and had taken place during Spring Week in the past, but this year the schedule was changed up a bit. 

Students who hadn’t had a normal NDA experience yet were able to join in this experience, and they had a lot to say about it.

“I think it was a unique experience and the food was good” – sophomore Sylvia Peterson.

“I thought the trucks they brought were very different, and I really enjoyed the time outside” – sophomore Brooke Tuszka. 

“The idea and the thought were great, but the time management seemed poor” – Bianca Ayala-Mercado.

“I thought it was really fun. It was really hot outside, and the lines were long, but the food was good” – Eva Delaney.

“It was a nice break from the day” – Eleanor VanHandel.

“I think that it was a great idea, but there is room for improvements” – Alexandra Schweiner.