Theology Teacher Katie Stanczak Bids Good-bye to NDA, Will Be Principal at St. Clare’s in Wrightstown


Reese Van Pay, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Beloved theology teacher, Katie Stanczak, is leaving after 14 years at NDA.

Stanczak’s history with NDA starts back when she was a student here.

“I have fond memories of being challenged with lab reports in chemistry class and yes, Bobo’s logic puzzles too,” commented Stanczak.

After graduation and attending college at St. Norbert’s, she eventually found her way back to NDA, this time to teach.

She originally taught an Introduction to Social Studies class, but after a year she moved on to the theology department. 

I decided to teach Theology to help shape a community centered on the Gospel message of love and kindness for all,” said Stanczak.

Although she has a long history with NDA, Stanczak decided it was time for her to leave and has accepted the position of principal at St. Clare’s

“After working hard to earn those degrees [Bachelors, Masters in Science of Education, and Masters in Theological Studies], certifications, and skills, I felt called to do something more for our school community. So, I applied to be the principal in a variety of Catholic schools, including NDA. After a lengthy process and extensive support from a variety of stakeholders, the current leadership opted to take a different approach from the candidates for the NDA position, and therefore, I felt it was my time to seek a different opportunity,” revealed Stanczak.

It is a bittersweet goodbye to Stanczak, but one can take comfort in knowing that she will be taking the memories of her time at NDA with her. 

“As a teacher, I will carry with me so many memories of sharing time with the students and being a safe, welcoming person they can talk to. Seeing them learn and engage in meaningful discussions about morality, justice, church history and scripture. I will always remember seeing Mrs. Brown carry in her pans of brownies in the morning, admiring Frau and Student Government for all of the fun, laughter, and positive energy they bring to our NDA culture, and the participants from the Art & Adoration Italy Trip of 2018, and the excitement of a Jean’s Day,” said Stanczak.

Stanczak leaves the following message as a farewell to the NDA community:

“Thank you to all those who have supported, prayed and walked with me through the challenges, successes and life events over the years. As an alumnus-teacher at NDA, I’ve shared the hallways with so many wonderful educators and students through the start of my career, graduate school, getting married, having my children and the passing of my parents. The NDA community has carried me through those challenging times and truly become a home away from home. Thank you, especially to Caitlin Vanden Wyngaard, Adam Rudar, Jill Zamzow-Gerl, Tracy Troge, Cathy Kirschling, Carolyn Brown and Jen Laaksonen for always sharing a smile, a laugh and a compassionate heart for our NDA family!

“To Ms. Andrea Hearden and the NDA Leadership, I pray that you are successful in being wise and hospitable advocates for all who seek a Catholic education. To my colleagues, I pray that you are positive influencers and supporters for all of our students as they journey through our hallways, classrooms, faith and hearts. To my students, past, and present: First, God is ____! Secondly, please remember that I pray for you daily, stay close to God, and I wish you all the best. Lastly, do your service hours, then do more, and remember, I am just an email away if you ever need anything! And, to my Gamers, always remember to do your homework first, include everyone, and Game on! Thank you for the memories and remember as St. Teresa of Calcutta said, ‘Be the pencil in the hand of a writing God.’ Go Tritons and God Bless!”