NDA’s Own ‘Math Wizard’ Ready to Help


Lily Arkens, Staff Writer, Journalism I

John Dunlap likes to call himself “a math specialist or math wizard.” He is a math interventionist at NDA. 

He only plans to do this for a semester and then after the semester he plans to go to Lake Havasu in Arizona and live there. 

“I can see California from my backyard,” said Dunlap in explaining where Lake Havasu is located. 

While he has taught for 45 years, he retired from NDA five years ago and is now back.

Dunlap grew up in Menominee, Michigan, and frequently traveled to Green Bay. On his way through his family would stop at Kopp’s. 

“My dad always had enough money to buy us a sundae,” said Dunlap. 

He has three kids, a daughter he inherited from his marriage to his wife Char Dunlap who is the Administrative Assistant to the President at NDA, and his two sons. 

Dunlap is also really into sports. He refereed basketball for 30 years, has been announcing for at least 22 years, has been running an NFL pool for the past 35 years and parks cars at Packer games for the Ashwaubenon Lions Club.

“I will be announcing at the September 16 varsity football game,” said Dunlap. 

Although he really likes to teach, he is having lots of fun helping kids with math and doing one-on-one tutoring. 

Dunlap said, “When I taught at Southwest, I called myself the ‘Birthday Wizard’ because I worked with the students and administration to get kids cards for their birthdays.” 

Once he left Southwest he put in the Trojan News and Notes that he was the birthday wizard. 

Dunlap said that he loves older country and western music. His favorite artist is Alan Jackson.

His grandson, Aiden Dunlap, is a junior here at NDA. 

“Whenever I pass him in the hallways, he always says ‘Hi Mr,. Dunlap,’ so I answer back with ‘Hi,Mr. Dunlap.” 

He is available for math help. He usually helps out in the guided study halls in Student Services, but he does tell study hall teachers to let their students know he’s ready to help there too..