Brianna Rockwood Lived Abroad, Then Came to Student Services at NDA


Lily Arkens, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Brianna Rockwood, the new receptionist/administrative assistant in Student Services, lived abroad for four years after graduating from St. Norbert College  in 2016. 

Rockwood is originally from Wisconsin Rapids and went to a private school that was smaller than Notre Dame. She played tennis in high school and graduated with 43 kids in her class. 

SNC’s study abroad program appealed to her and she ended up at the DePere campus.

“I was far enough from home, but not too far. It was a two-hour drive,” she explained.

While there, she majored in Business Administration with a minor in Spanish.

“I originally thought business would be a good major if I wanted to open my own business,” said Rockwood.

 After graduating, Rockwood went to live in Madrid, Spain, to teach English. She taught in person for a year and then taught online for four to five more years. 

“I lived in central Madrid for a year and then in Venice, Italy, for three years.”

She has been to 22 countries and two continents. Rockwood still likes to teach online when she has the time to do so. 

She loves to cook, especially all the different cuisines she tried while studying abroad. Her favorite kitchen activity is to bake. In fact, opening her own bakery was something she was considering while in college.

“Now I don’t think the bakery is something I want to do as a business. I like to keep it as a hobby,” she said.

Studying abroad and living in Madrid has made her consider retiring in the Spanish capital.

Here at NDA she is more or less the gatekeeper for all the activities and people involved in Student Services.