Mother-Daughter Teaching Duos: Continuing the Classroom Legacy


Cassi Garrison, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

At Notre Dame Academy, students are blessed to have many experienced teachers and staff members available to students.

Among these faculty members are two mother-daughter teacher duos, Ms. Grace Corriveau and Mrs. Deborah Corriveau and Ms. Eliza Campbell and Mrs. Julie Campbell.  Both of the daughters graduated from NDA.

Working with your mother or daughter can come with a great support system, especially when they work in the same department, as is the case for the two mother-daughter duos at NDA. 

“It is fun to watch my daughter working as an adult. She is a great teacher and is enthusiastic about her science subject areas,” said Mrs. Corriveau. “I feel as if, as her mother, I may have contributed to her success as a communicator and her enthusiasm for science.”

The younger Corriveau echoed this sentiment, sharing that her mother is “a wonderful resource for questions,” and that she enjoys the baked goods she sometimes brings in the morning. 

“She is the reason I am here,” Ms. Corriveau added. “I can’t imagine working without her.”

The two also have classrooms connected by a chemical closet, which allows them to check in on the other occasionally. 

“I frequently see Grace on the weekend,” shared Mrs. Corriveau. “We like to go out to eat together. Cranky Pat’s pizza is one of our favorite places for sausage and mushroom pizza.”

The Campbell duo shares this same supportive relationship.

Of her daughter, Mrs. Campbell said, “I admire her commitment to the school and especially her students. I have always felt the best teachers are the ones that make connections with their students, and she certainly does that every day.”

They shared that they are also able to check in with the other about the curriculum, as they both teach United States Government and History.

“I ask questions about U.S. History, but I also teach differently than she does,” shared the younger Campbell. “I more so use her as a guide for where she is and where I should be by the end of the semester.” 

In addition to eating lunch together at NDA, outside of school the duo enjoys their weekly Sunday gathering of family and friends.

“Although I do love teaching with her in the same building, it is really not a huge adjustment because for 11 years I’ve had one or two of my children as students,” said Mrs. Campbell. “Eliza also coached before she taught here, so she has been a part of the culture for many years.”

Ms. Campbell echoed her mom’s statement, saying it is “by no means weird,” though interesting, that they have the same co-workers and bosses.