Mother-Daughter Duo in Student Services Called ‘Very Special’


Cassi Garrison, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Notre Dame Academy is privileged to have a few mother-daughter staff duos employed, and one of them is Mrs. Jill Zamzow-Gerl and Ms. Ciera Gerl.

This duo is particularly interesting as the younger Gerl was a student at NDA while her mother was on staff.

“It was fun,” she shared. “I didn’t see her too often while I was a student here, but I would go to her if I needed money for lunch.”

Ciera, who graduated from NDA in 2015, went on to earn a degree in social work from St. Norbert College. 

Jill called working with her daughter “very special” and said it’s “fun having the shared experience working in the same space.”

“I believe we’re both created to walk with teenagers as they journey to adulthood,” she added. “Being able to do this with the same students is pretty amazing.”

Ciera said that she likes working with her mom and enjoys the cookies, donuts and other treats that her mom leaves on her desk for her in the mornings. 

The duo shared that they are usually too busy to see each other during the school day, but they enjoy their quality time over the weekend or for evening dinner.

“I consider it a real blessing to have the opportunity to work with Ciera,” shared Jill. “Not every mother/daughter pair could or should work together. It works for us, and for that I’m grateful.”

The younger Gerl echoed this sentiment for her mom, saying: “It’s great to have someone to ask questions to and having someone who knows all the ins and outs of the building.”