‘Blocker’ Kylo Barker Shadows Mr. Schultz, Enjoys NDA


Alaina Nimmer, Staff Writer, Journalism I

“I said, ‘I’m not going to school just to go back to school,’” recalled Kylo Barker, a 20-year-old St. Norbert College sophomore block student visiting Notre Dame Academy.

Barker always said that he never liked high school, but now here he is, studying to be a psych/history high school teacher.

“I really started liking history in 4th or 5th grade,” said Barker. “In high school, my parents and teachers started suggesting that I look into being a teacher. I didn’t think that I would even like to be one, but here I am.”

Barker is interested in modern history, American history and time periods and events involving the Great Depression or the mid or late 80s.

“I guess the reason why I want to teach older kids is because teaching younger kids is harder. One plus one is two. I can’t explain that to kindergarteners,” he said. “I wanted to do something that was a lot more focused and something I liked.”

Barker also loves to play baseball.

He’s been playing ever since he was young and is now a varsity pitcher at St. Norbert.

He remembers teaching the younger kids how to play, and he actually enjoyed it. Barker says he wouldn’t mind coaching.

“I’ve really liked my experience here at NDA so far,” he said. “I like the size and I wish I had this growing up. My high school, New Glarus, had a graduating class of 80 students.”

Barker doesn’t quite know were he wants to teach yet, but somewhere around the Green Bay area would let him pursue his interests in fishing and hunting.

As a block student Barker spends his time at NDA shadowing classes of his choice and seeing what it is like to be a teacher.