Minnesota Native Ella Jerdee Aspires to Teach History


Cassi Garrison, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

“I love being at Notre Dame Academy because everyone is welcoming, always smiling, and supports each other,” said Ella Jerdee, a block student from St. Norbert College.

St. Norbert’s Block Students, also called SNC Blockers, are studying to become teachers and get hands-on experience shadowing a teacher at NDA.

Jerdee, who is shadowing Mrs. Danielle Bennett, is from Northfield, Minnesota, and attended Northfield High School.

“My high school was pretty similar to NDA but was a little larger and was public,” she shared. “In high school, I participated in basketball, National Honor Society, and Link, a group that helps freshmen during their first semester.”

Jerdee added that she spent a lot of time going to sporting events, hanging out with teammates and friends and mountain biking. 

In the future, she says she would like to teach history, specifically ancient history, but is open to other subjects as well.

“I want to be a teacher because I have a passion for history, but I also love working with and instructing others,” said Jerdee. “I think teaching is the perfect way to mix these two passions.”

She chose to study at St. Norbert College for a variety of reasons: the smaller campus, the professor-to-student ratio, proximity to a bigger city like Green Bay, a wide range of classes and the cross country team. 

Jerdee described working with Mrs. Bennet so far as “awesome.”

“This has been a great experience because she explains her teaching strategies in detail and also makes her classroom environment engaging and fun,” she shared. “I have learned a lot so far.”

On the advice she would give to someone considering becoming a SNC Blocker or a teacher, Jerdee stressed the importance of volunteering, public speaking and internships.

“You can learn a lot outside of the classroom,” she said. “Additionally, be confident in your journey and don’t shy away from change!”