Math Teacher Denise Percival Nominated for Golden Apple Award


Frannie Wied, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Mrs. Denise Percival has a passion for teaching math and recently became a second-time nominee for the Golden Apple Award. 

“I love teaching math!” expressed Percival. 

Percival is one of three teachers at NDA to receive this distinguished nomination. The Golden Apple Awards is designed to recognize teachers that show strengths in professionalism, leadership and innovation. Teachers are nominated through anonymous applications from students, colleagues, parents and members of the community. 

Percival was excited to hear about the nomination, as teaching math is her passion. This year she teaches Advanced Algebra, College-Credit/Honors Precalculus and College-Credit Calculus. 

Percival was inspired to become a teacher by her math teacher in high school. She had all the qualities to make a great teacher – she loved math and tutored other students throughout high school.

But math wasn’t always her career path. After graduating high school, she received her associate’s degree in Accounting and a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. For many years, she worked as a graphic designer before deciding to pursue a teaching degree in math.

She has now been teaching math for 12 years, with the last eight being at NDA. Percival describes teaching math as her “calling” and has never looked back on her decision to switch careers.  

“I decided to pursue my teaching degree in math.  It was the best career decision I’ve made,” said Percival. 

Percival says her favorite part about her job is teaching students shortcuts and easy ways to remember material in math. She wants to help students to understand the material so that they can enjoy math more. She wants to share her love of math with students. 

“She has taught me how to know when to ask for help and is an exemplary example of hard work,” said Madison Malo, a student of the Golden Apple nominee. 

If she could say anything to the people who nominated her, it would be a “thank you for thinking of your math teachers.”