Anna Gruesen: ‘NDA Makes You Ready for College’

Emma Zankoul, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

“NDA truly makes you ready for college, and it is something I will forever be grateful for,” said Anna Gruesen, an NDA alumni who just entered her second semester in college and loves it.

Gruesen graduated from Notre Dame last year and now attends Boston University as a pre-med track majoring in Nutrition Science. Although she really likes it, she said the transition was hard at first.

“It was hard to go out of state because I love my family and friends a lot,” she said. “I also miss having my regular routine that I stick to. I wasn’t used to being on my own yet.”

She also thinks high school was easier because having your own room, car and house is helpful. “Luckily, my parents are making their best to make sure I am well settled and feel the most at home,” she said.

Gruesen also mentioned that the classes are very hard, especially for a pre-med student. But despite that, she said that NDA did a “phenomenal job” at preparing her for college.

“The IB program helped a lot,” she said, “as well as the sports, student government, teachers, and service programs like ASTRA.” She even said some of BU’s classes are similar to NDA’s hard classes.

“On top of that, the most important thing that NDA has taught me is that hard work truly pays off,” she said. “When I’m in a hard class, I remind myself that I am working towards a future goal, and if working hard is what is going to me there, then I will put in all the effort I can.”

She also wants to thank her family for all the support they have given her, and she says they are a main part to how she got to where she is today.

Now, due to all the support and hard work she has experienced, Gruesen has well adapted to her college life and feels more adjusted. In addition, she loves it!

“Boston University has so many things to offer such as the city itself, research programs, top education, and access to some of the best hospitals,” she said.

Gruesen also mentioned she has always loved the city. “The Charles River, architecture, and everything about Boston is amazing,” she said.

Finally, she said that her favorite part about college was meeting new people and exploring different things. She also stated that even though the university is difficult, she still has time to have fun.

“It’s all about finding a balance, which is a skill I am lucky to have developed at a young age,” she said.

So far, Gruesen has had a great start of college, and she is looking forward to continuing her journey with lots of joy and success.

“I truly love Boston University, and I know it will definitely help me have a bright future ahead.”