Senior’s Hobby Becomes a Business: NailsByHunt


Riley Guyette, Editor-in-Chief, Online Tritonian

Senior Anna Hunt has spent her last couple years of high school engaging in her hobby of nail art and has recently started selling her own brand of nails online. 

Despite Hunt not getting her nails done very often as a child, she was alway infatuated with nail art. 

This led her to getting her first set of acrylic nails in the August of her sophomore year, but after about two weeks she contracted COVID and was forced to stay home. 

During this time her nails began to grow out and she began to realize how much money it would cost to upkeep them.

This prompted Hunt to take matters into her own hands, and the then sophomore ordered a polygel kit and gel polishes. 

This hobby was so enjoyable that she began doing nails for her family and friends too. 

“I see nails and nail art as a way for me to express myself,” she explained. “It is incredibly therapeutic for me, and I love it when I do people’s nails and they love them even more than I do.” 

Around the end of her sophomore year Hunt created some social media accounts to showcase her nails—all under NailsByHunt.

Additionally, she has begun selling customized press-on nails for people all over the U.S. within the last month. 

To spread word of her business venture, she has collaborated with some small influencers on tiktok, and plans to continue to do so to gain traction.

Hunt plans to continue to do nails in college and will continue to sell press-on nails in her free time. 

“My plan is to major in entrepreneurship, so my little business may turn into a full-time job later on into the future, but we will see,” she said.

If readers are interested, they are encouraged to visit Hunt’s tiktok and instagram accounts: @NailsByHunt.

“I get asked by a lot of people ‘How do you do that?’ or they say, ‘I could never do that!’, but I truly believe anyone can learn to do their own nails with practice and patience,” she explained.