Valentine Feature: Blind Date Leads to Mattke’s Marriage–and Happiness

Valentine Feature: Blind Date Leads to Mattkes Marriage--and Happiness

Mason Tumpach, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

NDA science teacher Molly Mattke has been married to her husband Alex Mattke since the summer of 2021.

While most relationships begin by meeting  through mutual friends, Mattke met her husband on a blind date with the help of her aunt.

“My aunt was a teacher in New London, and her colleague and friend was my husband’s mom. My aunt got married in her 30’s as well, so I think she always was keeping an eye out for me,” said Mattke.

The two went on their first date in the summer of 2019. Mattke, who at the time was living in Milwaukee, stopped at her future husband’s house on her way home from visiting her parents.

“The funny thing was I had my puppy, Pepper, with me. We took a walk on the Fox River Trail and got A&W burgers and Zesty’s frozen custard.”

Most people find a first date awkward, but for Mattke it was “pretty comfortable.”

“I especially remember laughing at a joke he told me on our way to the river walk and thinking, ‘Hey, this guy is funny and smart,’” said Mattke.

After their first date, they went to a Brewers game, which Mattke described as “fun, but a bit nerve racking.”

“In this situation, you are trying to be you, but also not dorky, all while trying to figure out what they are like and if you think they are a good match for you,” said the science teacher.

Eventually, Mattke and her husband got comfortable with each other, and she was able to be herself with him.

Mattke commented, “We laughed a lot and enjoyed each other’s company.”

After a couple months of dating, Mattke’s husband met her parents up in Rhinelander during Labor Day. She said her parents could tell they were meant to be together.

In October of 2020, the day before Mattke’s birthday, her husband proposed to her at the river trail where they had their first date.

Mattke said she was oblivious until her husband asked her to go take a look by the water. At that moment, she understood what was going to happen and got extremely nervous. Her nerves faded away quickly, however, and Mattke responded back with a “yes!”

“He is my partner who I am meant to be with. We have fun together, share interests and values, and our personalities are complimentary,” she said.

In July of 2021, the couple got married at St. Joseph’s Church at St. Norbert College, which was where her husband went to school. They also had a beautiful reception at the Ashwaubenon Community Center.

Thankfully, Covid numbers were low, so they were able to be surrounded by a large group of family and friends.

“Being surrounded by people we loved and who loved us was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced,” said Mattke.

Being married and in love has been amazing for Mattke, but she also mentioned that marriage is not always easy.

“Your own struggles that you could ignore when you are single become something to work on in the marriage.”

On the other hand, Mattke said her marriage gives her joy, strength, and the motivation to continue to grow in life and love.

Finally, Mattke gave excellent advice for anyone seeking a life-long relationship.

“Take care of yourself, grow yourself and find how God is calling you,” said Mattke.

She also said not to get hung up on the type of person you think you are looking for. In her case, she was looking for an adventurous extrovert, but she instead fell in love with a steady introvert.

“We balance each other out and help each other grow into who we are being called to be.”

Mattke’s story of finding true love is both interesting and heartwarming. She is thankful to her aunt for introducing her to her husband.

“When you are an adult and you are thinking of setting up people you know and trust on a date, do it! If my aunt had not set us up, our lives would be so different.”