Cassidy Green Elected VP of Outreach for Next Year


Mason Tumpach, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

After hearing speeches from the all-school candidates for Student Government, the student body elected Junior Cassidy Green the VP of Outreach for next year.

Green ran against Gabriella Ruggles, and both nominees gave a speech in the auditorium to their fellow classmates about why they would be the perfect person for the position. Students were then sent out a Google Form to cast their vote.

“I wanted to run for VP of Outreach because it seemed like the right next step. As a junior on Outreach, I learned how the branch works and ended up loving being a part of it. Knowing that I wanted to continue participating in Outreach, I decided to take it a step further and apply to be the VP,” said Green.

Outreach is the service branch of Student Government and is composed of Advocates from all four classes–freshman through senior.. The VP of Outreach, one of four all-school officers, is a key member of the Executive Board.

Green was one of the two junior class advocates for Outreach this year, and she is excited to begin her work as VP next year.

“My position is essentially being a student leader for our group meetings and taking on more responsibility than the other members. I will attend Student Government Executive Board meetings and take the lead on all projects Outreach takes on.”

As VP, Green said she hopes to inspire students to take service more seriously at school and in the community.

“As I mentioned in my speech, I have grown since freshman year and have realized service is much more than just entering hours into x2vol. I have experienced the impact service can have on people, and I have fallen in love with that impact. I hope to help other students fall in love with service too.”

As the VP of Outreach, one needs to demonstrate strong leadership skills. Green commented that she is involved in multiple clubs where she carries a leadership role in.

Most importantly, Green wants to be an “approachable person that underclassmen can look up to as a good example.”