Sophomore Frannie Wied Selected as Administrative Assistant for Next Year’s Student Government


Mason Tumpach, Emma Zankoul, Staff Writers, Advanced Journalism

Sophomore Frannie Wied will serve as Administrative Assistant next year on the Executive Board of Student Government. She ran against Madison Malo for the only underclassman position in the all-school elections. 

Wied’s main focus as Administrative Assistant will be to serve as a communicator between all branches of Student Government.

“My position entails attending Executive Branch meetings, attending and keeping records of attendance for board meetings, being responsible for good communication and correspondence between members of the Executive Board, and working closely with Student Government advisers throughout the year,” said Wied.

This past year the sophomore was a part of the Outreach Branch of Student Government, and she described it as one of the highlights of her year. Wied said she enjoyed playing a role in planning service events for NDA.

“My favorite event was probably Fall Fest Week and getting to watch it come together from start to finish. It was an amazing experience.”

Wied decided to run for administrative assistant because she wanted to “play a more active role in Student Government.” Wied described herself as a good communicator and highly organized, which are important traits needed for the position.

As Administrative Assistant, Wied hopes to act as a “good correspondent and honest communicator between everyone in Student Government.”

“When I commit to something, I give it my all, and I want to be of help in any way that I can,” she said.

In Student Government and the NDA community, Wied said she leads by example and serves as a good role model to others. Leaders must be able to relate to everyone, and Wied remains confident in her ability to do so.

As part of the election process, she had to prepare a speech and read it to the student body. While most would find it difficult to speak in front of a large audience, Wied actually enjoyed it.

“I was a little nervous about my speech, but mostly excited. I enjoy talking in front of other people and public speaking, so it was honestly fun for me.”

Wied mentioned that she continued changing, editing, and revising her speech until she was proud of it, and there were many rough drafts. Wied’s determination and attention to detail paid off to help her become next year’s Administrative Assistant.

—-Mason Tumpach

“I was interested in being the administrative assistant because I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to be able to work with all aspects of student government,” said Frannie Wied, a sophomore at NDA who was recently elected to this position for the upcoming school year.

“I knew I wanted the position when I read the job description and what it entailed,” said Wied. She was interested in the role because she loves organizing and helping others.

She also thought she would be a good fit because of her skills of being able to communicate with different types of people. She also loves planning events and really enjoys public speaking.

This year, she was in the Outreach Branch and said it really prepared her for being the administrative assistant, and that involvement is what inspired her to apply.

On top of that, she is involved in ballet, tennis, musicals and the arts. Even though it is plenty, Wied really enjoyed having a role in student government and wanted to still be in it.

“I think that involvement in student government is vital for any school to function successfully and plays a huge aspect into student life, and I’m honored that I get to play a small role in that,” she said.

As the administrative assistant, the sophomore is planning on helping keep things organized so that everything runs smoothly.

“There isn’t anything specifically that I dislike, but there is always room for improvement in any school setting.”

Her main goal is to make sure that all people are heard and that their ideas are listened to, as she promised in her speech, to keep Notre Dame a great place. 

“I believe the culture at NDA between students, coaches, directors, and teachers is very unique,” she mentioned. “It nurtures a supportive and Catholic-based environment for students by giving us the tools to succeed and also guiding us down the right path.”

The sophomore hopes to bring a new point of view in the student government and not let anyone down.