Yearbook Adviser Loves Her Role, Will Take Her Talents to Pulaski


Emma Zankoul, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

“I love to draw and create, so the yearbook is a productive way for me to use those skills in a way that bolsters the experience of students and helps them forge new skills and memories,” said Anastasia Karademas, NDA’s yearbook advisor.

Karademas is an English major at SNC and decided to take the role after seeing how committed and dedicated the NDA community is, so she was inspired and wanted to be part of it.

“I learned more from Mrs. Brown than I did in many of my educational courses. Her dedication to not only the world of literature, but also the student body, gave me so much inspiration for education,” she said. Karedemas was a SNC “block student” with Brown two years ago.

On top of that, Karedemas wanted to join the yearbook program because she previously had experience working on her own high school’s yearbook, as well as attending “yearbook camp” for three years.

She has been working with NDA’s yearbook for two years now. As the advisor, her role is to delegate the pages to the various staff members, help with graphic design portions and finish up anything that doesn’t get done.

But that does not happen very often, since the staff “works very hard and is very dedicated,” according to Karademas. They make sure every student feels important in the publication.

The key people/MVP of the staff are Lidiya Schneider, Briana Flores, Grace Goh, Brooke Huss, Audrey Owusu, Ali Weise, Jacob Vanooyen, Mya Kapalko and Olivia Holschuh.

“I initially joined the yearbook because my friend was in it and didn’t want to do it alone, but I am really glad I joined because it’s a very fun time with great people,” said Huss

“My favorite part of the yearbook was being able to capture all my favorite school memories in the yearbook pages,” said Flores.

Right now, the yearbook is about finished and just needs some spring sports and graduation pictures. It will be printed and released by August right when summer break ends.

“The school’s yearbook captures the memories of every dance, event, sport season, musical, play, and more,” said Karademas. “No matter what a student is involved in, their experience will be captured in the book. We’re so excited for people to see it!”

Unfortunately, this is her last year at NDA as the yearbook adviser since she is now a college graduate and will be teaching English at Pulaski. She will become their yearbook adviser as well.

“It’s been great working with Notre Dame’s yearbook,” she said. “More people should join it: not only does it give students skills on a technical level like writing and communication, but it is also a great opportunity to meet new people and have fun.”