What’s in Your Locker? Sour Patch Kids?


Riley Guyette, Editor-in-Chief, Online Tritonian

It is easy for students to fall into a routine when going through a year in high school. 

Students get used to going to the same places and seeing the same things.

This is why they are so surprised when they walk through freshman hallway and see a locker filled from bottom to top with hundreds of boxes of Sour Patch Kids candies. 

This locker is owned by freshman Mitchell Belongia, who has been collecting these boxes since December. 

“I’ve been collecting Sour Patch Kids since my birthday on December 1st,” said Belongia. “It started off as a gag with my friends and me. On my birthday they gave me 13 Sour Patch Kids and then kept on buying more and more every day until we filled the top shelf of my locker with Sour Patch Kids.”

This top shelf was filled only with the boxes, but after the shelf was filled the freshman began leaving the candy in the boxes. 

This was partially due to the fact that he was getting 3-5 boxes of Sour Patch Kids every day.

Belongia has thus far collected 183 Sour Patch Kids, 30 of which are just the box. 

“I have one of each type of Sour Patch Kids in my locker,” he explained. “I also have nine bags of Sour Patch Kids hanging in my locker, a one-ounce Sour Patch Kid bag, and, for some reason, Sour Patch Kid gum.”

There is no particular reason that Belongia decided to grow his collection to this point. 

“After filling my top shelf up with Sour Patch Kids I kept on going because my friends and I thought it was funny,” he said. “I wanted to see how far we could go with this.”

In fact, he expected to stop at 100 boxes, but he just kept getting more and more. 

“I love seeing the reactions from upperclassmen walking by and seeing my locker because everyone’s reaction is so different,” the freshman explained. 

As for the future, Belongia and his friends haven’t yet decided on what to do with the candies. 

“My friends and I’ve talked about possibly making a life-size Sour Patch Kid out of all the candy I have in my locker, or I might give them away during finals,” he said. “I only had one goal when starting the Sour Patch Kids collection, and that was to make the most out of my high school experience.”

Belongia is considering filling his locker with something else in his sophomore year.

It is clear that despite how silly this locker may be, this will be an unforgettable experience for the freshman.