NDA Claims Top Three MLK Awards

Mrs. Brown, Adviser

Notre Dame students claimed all three top prizes in the high school division of the annual Poster/Creative Writing Contest in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.

Seniors Lexie Brada and Matt Matuzak, along with junior Melaina Rapisarda, placed first, second and third, respectively.  Brada and Rapisarda did artwork under the tutelage of Mrs. Barbara Brandtner while Matuzak wrote the poem reprinted below.

Saturday’s program at NWTC featured a plethora of dignitaries, several cultural dances, tributes to Dr. King, and a display of the artwork and creative writing pieces.

The artwork of Rapisarda, which won honorable mention recognition last year, provided the artwork and theme for this year’s program.

Art teacher Barb Brandtner, English teacher Carolyn Brown and English/science teacher Elizabeth Gaywont from St. John the Baptist Middle School were invited guests of the winning students.

WBAY, one of several news stations covering the event, features NDA student work and students at this link:  http://www.wbay.com/story/24488931/2014/01/18/community-gathers-in-green-bay-to-honor-martin-luther-king-jr

Matuszak’s poem, entitled “Reaching Out,” is reprinted below:

If my right hand was white

And my left black,

Would my right hand be unblemished

While my left was?


Would my right hand be unhurt and unabused,

While my left was?


Would my right hand be plentiful and well fed

While my left hand has nothing but scraps?


Would my right hand have multiple possessions

While my left does not?


If this was so,

Would my right hand reach out and give

So that my left hand would feel rich also?


If only this was so

The world would be a better place.

If only…. If only…. If only this was so.
But it isn’t.