Spring Week Kicks Off Week of Fun

Colleen Mortell, Staff Writer

Spring Week, one of the most memorable events at Notre Dame, will kick off Monday, April 28.

The week is full of dress down days and fun activities, ending with De la Baie Fest.

“There is a lot of work involved in planning Spring Week,” Student Government Administrative Assistant Ali Lemkuil said.  “Lots of meetings, shared Google docs, and group messages.  It’s a long process, but it’s definitely worth it in the end.”

Student government first began speaking about the event after Fall Fest week, but the intense planning started in February.

Frau  Laaksonen, head of student government, mentioned that Spring Week has grown over the years.

“I think I am mostly touched every year about the generosity of the student body of NDA.  We have been able to support so many wonderful outreach projects.  I also love working with my student government kids and all of the advisers,” Frau said.

During Spring Week, the NDA family raises money for a charity in need.  This year, all proceeds will go towards Camp Daniel.

Camp Daniel was established in 1994.  It is a summer camp centered for people with disabilities.

“It’s important to know that Notre Dame is giving back to the community, especially with something local and close to our hearts,” President of Outreach Mary Lovell said.  “After Senora Dory gave her speech at the NDA serves kick off, we knew Camp Daniel was the direction to go in.”

Many students enjoy the dress down days that are offered for the week.  Student government spends a lot of time planning these days.

Sometimes the ideas they come up with are not possible or better ideas are created.  Then student government has to start over.

“My favorite thing about Spring Week is the dress down days.  We do not get to dress down very often at school, but when we do it is nice to go all out!” Lovell said.

This year Spring Week will be the week after Academy Ball.  Student government has been working on decorations for weeks.  The theme of prom is “Beyond the Sea.”

With a great theme, students should expect awesome lighting from JD>DJ.

“We book an available date for the Tundra Lodge over a year in advance.  We try to make it the same time every year, if possible.  Our school calendar does not always fit with that.  Having Easter week and the early dismissals during the end of April left us with only one full week, that being the one after Academy Ball,” Frau said.

On Friday, the school day ends around noon and then the gym is open for fun activities.

This year there will be a brat/burger fry, dodge ball tournament, basketball, silent auction, and a cake walk.

A triathlon, formally known as T^4, is also added to the event list.  There will be four teams, consisting of students from each grade level.  They will be competing in various activities.

“I love De la Baie Fest!  The events are awesome and the food is great.  Plus, Frau serves a mean brat,” Lemkuil added.