Students Stay for De la Baie Fest

Danielle Lippert, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

This year Notre Dame’s De la Baie Fest was held on Friday, May 1. Students from every grade stayed after the half day to participate in all of the activities.

On May 1, Notre Dame had a half day, and the day was done by noon. Students had the choice to leave after that, but a majority of students stayed for the all-school festival.

De La Baie Fest has a lot of different things for everyone to do. From silent auction to different food and drinks to the cake walk to tournaments, there’s something for everyone.

The dodgeball tournament has teams from every grade competing. The girl bracket winner this year was Track City, and the boy bracket winner was Running through the 6. Best name went to IB Dodgin, and best dressed went to Tumballers. The girls’ sportsmanship award went to Deez Dodgeballz, and the boys’ sportsmanship award went to the Funky Fireman.

De La Baie Fest also featured a ping pong tournament, which was new this year, and sponsored by the Chinese Club. As always, the festival included a 3-on-3 basketball tournament coordinated by Mr. Steve Havlichek.

Besides all of the sport tournaments, there was a variety of foods present. German Club had burgers, brats, pickles, cotton candy and more. The International Club had root beer and root beer floats. Sting Cancer had smoothies and coffee, and the French Club had crepes.

A silent auction was also held at De La Baie Fest. Run by the Outreach Branch of Student Government, the silent auction included gift cards, club shirts, food, tickets to SNC sporting events, handcrafted bird houses and much more. Again, there was something for everyone.

De La Baie Fest is a fun event for all of the students and teachers at Notre Dame. A special finale to Student Government’s Spring Week, all proceeds from the events will go to charity, particularly Radiant Hope, an orphanage in China.