Eighteen Selected for Sophomore Service Trip to Chicago

Carly Noble, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Sunday, November 13:  Members of the sophomore service trip returned home today.  In the words of Campus Minister Daniel Kriegel, “It was a blessed trip, and everyone is back safe, hopefully a little changed as well!”

In just less than a month, a batch of Notre Dame Academy sophomores will depart for Chicago, partaking in the weekend-long service trip there.

Generally only one-third of those who apply are selected for the trip.   This year’s trip will have 18 students:  Megan Berndt, Emily Burgess, Stella DeMeuse, Claire Edgar, Grace Fangman, Madison Hansen, Ben Hathaway, Kayla Hawley, Natalie Jacques, Hope Krumrei, Owen Martzke, Breyln McCarron, Grainne O’Malley, Matthew Shade, Marcellus Thiry, Ella Tristani, Hannah VandenHeuvel and Theo Van Straten.

Sophomores must go through an application process to be eligible to attend, and selection is often first come first served.

This popular service trip has been around for over six years now, with Mr.Daniel Kriegl, campus minister, currently heading the trip.

“The main goal for the service weekend is for the kids to see those who are less fortunate outside the Green Bay area because here we aren’t exposed as much. I hope the students see everyone as people, not just labels,” Kriegl said.

The group stays overnight at The Brother David Darst Center, whose mission statement reads, “The Brother David Darst Center provides unique learning and immersion opportunities that explore issues of social justice through the lens of Christian social teachings of peace, justice and respect for human dignity and the environment. We seek to inspire a responsive active faith, a commitment to serve and a passion for social change.”

The service the group does varies each year, from helping with “Meals on Wheels” to tutoring inner-city kids, to helping out at daycares and visiting the Cornerstone Men’s Homeless Shelter.

“What we do is different each year because the needs of the community are different,” Kriegl said.

Another aspect students enjoy on this trip is the reflection around Wrigleyville where everyone is free to walk around, reflect and pray.

This year the students will be serving at St.James Food Pantry and will attend the fan favorite mass on Sunday morning at St.Benedict, the predominantly African-American church.

“I think the kids love this mass because of the community feeling. I would say it is pretty upbeat and jazzy,” Kriegl said.  

Even though the weekend is a fun-filled experience, it is ultimately about helping those who cannot help themselves in an urban poverty setting.

Mike DeLeers, NDA senior, had the privilege to go on the Chicago trip when he was a sophomore. DeLeers said, “The trip made me feel incredibly grateful for the things I have been blessed to have, and I think it is something everyone should experience.”