Mr. NDA XXI Set for Saturday, Dec. 3


Staff Writer, Journalism I

Thirteen seniors and two juniors will compete Saturday, Dec. 3, for the coveted title of Mr. NDA.

The twenty-first version of the popular show will include seniors Steven Gerbers, Jackson Gille, Nathan Ihlenfeldt, Clayton Lisowski, Stephen Lovell, Jack Mickelson, Ryan O’Connell, Ben Richards, Jacob Rose, Jonathan Santaga, Danny Stewart, Charlie Urick and Andrew Zipp.  

The two juniors voted into the show are Ismaiil Nur and Daniel Patz.

Carly Noble and Brenda Aguilar, seniors, will serve as emcees.  A panel of staff judges conducted the audition for their roles, which includes writing the script for the 7 p.m. show.

Judges, both students and staff, will rate contestants in four categories:  tuxedo, talent, beachwear and Q & A.  Principal John Ravizza will quiz the contestants during the Q & A session.

Tickets to the show will go on sale the week of the show with seniors buying tickets on Monday, juniors on Tuesday, sophomores on Wednesday and freshmen on Thursday.  The general public will purchase tickets on Friday.

Traditionally a sell-out, the show is a major fundraiser for Student Government projects conducted throughout the year.

“Mr. NDA is a success because the boys put so much effort into their acts, and so many students are involved in so many ways that it’s like we all own the show,” said English teacher Carolyn Brown.