Math Guru Guyette Utilizes BYOD Daily

Tian Zhanchi, Staff Writer, Journalism I

BYOD policy started at Notre Dame Academy this school year. NDA’s Technology Committee had been doing the research of technology in school for the past three years.

In fact, many teachers gave their reflections on how such technology could  enhance both teaching and learning.

The policy requires students to bring their own devices, such as a laptop or tablet during the school day for learning purpose.

Mr. Doug Guyette, a national board certified teacher who has been teaching math for 19 years, embraces this policy enthusiastically.

“For me, effective use of technology enables students to collaborate in the classroom, and they carry on that collaboration outside of class as well,” said Guyette.

Teaching IB High Level Math as well as Honors Algebra II, Guyette uses BYOD every day and incorporates it into his classroom.

Guyette likes the BYOD policy because it brings powerful tools for studying math. For instance, Desmos–students use this tool to animate what was once static and to improve mathematical modeling and mathematical thinking.

Guyette said one of the biggest benefits is the credibility of the technology. Students won’t have excuses like “forgot to do the homework” or “left the book in my locker” since everything is electronic.

Useful websites such as Haiku also help teacher and students connect better. Rather than using the limited office hour to ask for help from a teacher, students can pose questions online anytime and anywhere. Both teacher and students can respond to the inquiries.

However, some students would misuse this policy and engage in gaming and texting. Guyette suggested that the way the teacher arranges the classroom could help with misuse.

Overall, Guyette has a strong belief in the BYOD policy.

“This allows students to truly engage in the important and complex work of mathematicians,”  said the math teacher.