Madame Geyer: Her Car Theft Sounds Like Movie Episode

Elizabeth Bolin, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

“Baby Driver,” one of the highest grossing movies of this summer, featured the story of a young getaway driver forced into completing heist after heist. The movie was filled with car crashes, chases and burglary. A couple weeks ago, our own Madame Geyer fell victim to something straight out of the movie.

“We were in Chicago to drop my daughter off at the airport and while I was at the airport, Max and Darrell (Madame’s son and husband) went to have breakfast at a diner in downtown Chicago,” Geyer explained. “They parked around the corner and forty five minutes later they returned and found that the vehicle was gone.”

Geyer could not believe what had happened. “You hear about this kind of thing on television, but you would never expect that it would happen to you,” she said.

The Chicago police were contacted, and numerous parking garages were contacted to insure the car had not been mistakenly towed. When nothing was discovered, the family had to go to the station and file a report.

Geyer had to rent a vehicle and drive back to Green Bay with her family. That night, at around 10 o’clock, she received a call from the Chicago police, informing her of the vehicle’s recovery.

“They told me they found the vehicle running in a parking lot in a not very nice neighborhood, and asked me for permission to enter the vehicle and bring it back to the station,” she explained.

Geyer has now received the car back, however, with substantial damage. “There’s both damage and theft which means we had to file two claims.”

“I’m not sure you can prevent this from happening because there are bad people everywhere. But the one thing to remember is to count your blessings,” the French teacher said.

Geyer was just happy nobody was hurt. “It’s just a vehicle, my husband and children and I were safe. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.”


One can only speculate what that car was a part of in its time away from the Geyer family, but Geyer has decided to move on and thanks everybody for their concern.