Fall Fest Week Fun, Donations Dedicated to Helping Others


Ava Vande Corput, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Notre Dame Academy has many differences from other schools around the Green Bay area, and one of those differences is that NDA has a Fall Fest dance instead of homecoming.

Each year, the week before the Fall Fest dance is dedicated to focusing on raising money for a specific cause.

This year, Notre Dame Academy is collaborating with Catholic Charities to raise money for those suffering in the South due to the hurricanes and in the West due to all of the wildfires.

One of the means of raising money for this cause is participation in the dress down days, and to participate in the dress down days, students must buy a pin to show their support.

Each of the dress down days this week correlates with one of the Notre Dame core values.

The dress down days are as follow:

   Monday: Fire and Water Day

  • Students can wear dress code bottoms and a shirt that is predominately their color coordinating to their grade. Seniors wear blue; juniors wear red; sophomores wear orange, and freshmen wear yellow. The reason for this specific dress down day is to show respect for those affected by the recent hurricanes and wildfires by displaying awareness.

Tuesday: Jersey Day

  • Students can wear a sports jersey to show responsibility. Just like players are responsible for helping their teammates in need, the Notre Dame Academy community is accountable for helping others in need affected by the natural disasters.

Wednesday: Cowboy and Cowgirl Day

  • Students can wear flannel shirts, jeans, boots, and belts to show the core value service. Cowboys are icons of the American dream, so NDA students show their supports and appreciation to a country that works so hard to help people in need.

Thursday: Throwback Thursday

  • Students can dress in the decade that is assigned to their grade. Seniors will be wearing the 90s, juniors the 80s, sophomores the 70s and freshman the 60s. This particular theme is also representing the core value of service to show that many natural disasters have happened through the decades, but by uniting together, we can get through them.

Friday: Freaky Friday

  • Students can wear a “crazy sweater” to show that the student body population is “In Communio.” By wearing crazy sweaters, students acknowledge that though the weather and life are unpredictable, we can always be prepared for anything by working “In Communio.


Besides the dress down days, another fundraiser will be the 1st annual soup bowl that will be a part of the yearly chili bowl.

Students and staff can bring in a crockpot full of their famous soup or chili so that others can purchase a bowl for $3 to try as many soups and chilis as they please.

In addition to the 1st annual soup bowl, this year will also be the first year for the event called “The Great Battle.”

This event used to be known as “Battle of the Blocks” before getting a total makeover this school year.

It will take place on Friday afternoon in the auditorium for all students to enjoy.

Some of the events that will be taking place during “The Great Battle” are different game shows such as “Are You Smarter than an NDA Teacher?” and a talent show called “NDA Has Talent.”

Another event is a prerecorded show that consisted of participants creating their best face of make-up according to the “The Great Battle” theme that remains unknown until this Friday.

Overall, many schools focus on football games, homecoming king and queen, and the homecoming dance during their homecoming week, while the Notre Dame Academy students tend to focus on serving others in need during their Fall Fest Week.